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    E15 Article

    Below is an article from the OPEI (Outdoor Power Equipment Industry) concerning E15 and the damage it will have on small engines.
    I work for an Outdoor Power Equipment manufacture and can tell you that the number one reason we (as well as all small engine manufactures - Briggs-Kohler-Honda-Kawasaki etc) see units at service centers is fuel related, and this is with E10, as E15 is not widely available as of yet.
    As a company we have endorsed Stabil branded products for day to day use as well as long term storage. There are a lot of brands out there SeaFoam, Briggs has their product, Startron etc etc, I don't think any of them are bad products and all are probably fairly similar in controlling the damage that ethanol creates.
    My recommendation is that you use something to avoid fouled carbs, rotate your fuel supply if you are storing and ride more......

    E15 Gasoline Unlawful and Unsafe to Use in Outdoor PowerEquipment

    Following EPA and Department of Energy testing of E15 inoutdoor power equipment and other non-road products, the government determinedE15 was not suited for ANY non-road use.

    The Issue: The Rushed Introduction of 15% Ethanol Gasoline(E15)In a rush to introduce a gasoline with 50% more ethanol, E15fuel is now appearing at gas pumps across the country. This introduction of E15causes consumer confusion and significant problems, including engine failure ofcommon products, such as lawn and garden equipment, generators, chain saws andmore.

    OPEI’s Position: Do Not Risk Using E15In an effort toeducate and protect, OPEI warns consumers that using E15 gasoline in thefollowing products is dangerous and, in fact, illegal. Do not use E15 fuel in:

    •Boats and other marine engine products
    •ATVs, UTVs, and snowmobiles
    •Outdoor power equipment, such as chain saws, snowthrowers, generators, lawn mowers, lawn tractors and all other lawn &garden equipment
    How To Avoid E15 – and What You Can Do

    OPEI is working to protect consumers from using E15 inoutdoor power equipment and other non-road equipment.

    1.Read and follow the owner’s manual. The owner’smanual will clearly explain what fuels can be used to ensure a properlyfunctioning product.
    2.Don’t put any fuel containing more than10 percent (E10) insmall engine or off-road products, unless otherwise stated.
    3.Check the gas pump to be sure that it is dispensingE10. Some gas pumps at local gas stations may offer both E10 and E15, orhave blender pumps that dispense mid-level ethanol fuels for “flex-fuel”automobiles. Higher ethanol fuel (E15) may be less expensive than regular (E10)fuel, but putting E15 into an E10 approved product could cause product failureand void its warranty.

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    There's a thread or two with raging debates about ethanol and gasoline right now. As long as E10 stays WIDELY available and not replaced with E15, I think we'll be alright.

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    Just read about E15 in non flex fuel cars. Seems E15 fools the O2 sensor into think there is a lean condition and pumps more fuel to correct it. More fuel = less milage and more smog! Guess the EPA thinks we will all buying flex fuel cars and junking our old stuff.

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    I have to wonder if it is just me? E 10 is perfectly fine but E 15 could damage our engines. Our elected officials and the EPA shoved this garbage down our throats claiming it will be good for the environment and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Neither has been proven to be true.

    What we do know for sure about Ethanol is it has cost every one of us major dollars in more ways than one. The MPG of all vehicles has decreased because Ethanol does not have the octane our real fuels did. Our grocery bills have sky rocketed because just about all the foods we eat use corn in one way or another. The farmer who grows corn is doing fine while his neighbor who raises meat animals is going broke or reducing the grains he used to feed. A nice steak is not as nice as it used to be but it is twice as expensive just like our milk, chicken and every other food we need.

    I'll be very happy when we get our corn back on our tables where it belongs and out of our tanks.

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