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Thread: Bike got hit

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    Angry Bike got hit

    Standing in line in the bank yesterday when a woman walked in and told me that someone just hit my bike which was parked in the bank's parking lot and knocked it over. She told me a LAWYER hit it, apparently not seeing it in the parking space. The guy out of the car, picked up the bike with someone's help, got back into the car and drove of. Luckily it's a small island and almost everybody knows everybody. So the woman told me the name of the lawyer. Thank god no major damage, only a scratched left rear flasher and scratched helmet. But I was pissed that he just took off without saying anything or leaving a note. Anyway, met with him last evening and the guy had the nerves to tell me that he thought there was no damage to the bike. I told him I was happy that he knows my bike so well but asked him about the scratched flasher and helmet to which he responded "no big deal". I was not very friendly to the guy after his comment. Told him I insist on a new flasher since I really take good care of my bikes and don't see any reason why I should drive around with a scratched flasher. The flasher is about $45 in US. Add shipping, duty and handling to the island and we are talking about $200. For the inconvenience I added another $50. As he hesitated I told him that we also can walk over to the police station which is just 50 yards away. He decided to pay. But I am still pissed, he as a lawyer really should know better.

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    "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers"
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    You should get him to pay for a new helmet as well, once a helmet takes a hit or falls to the ground it is compromised and should be replaced...

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    You tell him if he doesn't pay you will hire a "lawyer" (o; OMM.

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    "What do you call thirteen lawyers on the bottom of the ocean?

    A good start"

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    The only difference between a dead squirrel in the road and a dead lawyer in the road are the skid marks before the squirrel
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    be sure to put his name in every local forum. sleasbags like him need to be exposed.

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    I agree that as a lawyer he should know better. The problem is most lawyers think that as experts in the law they're above it.
    In the u.s. leaving the scene is illegal. If it were me I would file a police report, then tell the guy you won't press charges if he covers the damage, including the helmet.

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    File an accident report with the local police. See how he likes a "leaving the scene of an accident" citation. Don't let people get away with that type of behavior. If the guy had apologized and offered to have a reputable shop fix "anything that was broken", then, fine. But not now. I would file, wait for the judge to decide on the charge, and then sue him. If you don't want to I am sure you can find someone that hates him that will do it for free. I bet he has lots of enemies.

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    This guy's walking across the farm so I go out and he explains he shot a deer next door and was retrieving it. I told him he was trespassing and should've come to the house first. He started this bit about being a lawyer and I says, "Wait a minute. You're a big boy. How's about we do it country style? We go blow for blow till one man quits." He said that was fine with him. "I'll go first." And I reached out and kicked him as hard as I could in the balls. He got up slowly off the ground with this scary grin on his face and said, "Now it's my turn." I says, "Nah. I quit. Go get your deer."

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