How much engine is required
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Thread: How much engine is required

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    How much engine is required

    For the last couple of weeks I have been cruising around town and exploring the full range of power our 200 cc engines produce.

    While we do have only about 50 miles of roads in town it is possible to leave the house and ride for 15 or 20 miles in an hour or so.

    When my TW pulls me (300 lbs and 6'4") around both the hills and dales of our south Baffin Island home at the speed limits plus, I often come home wondering why folks think they need larger and more powerful engines.

    I am amazed at what our 16 hp 12 cubic inch engines are able to do to make these scooters so enjoyable.
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    Too many reasons to list why people need more power. Or think they do. I find the Dub a fun little bike for exploring the back roads and trails in Tennessee and as a back and forth to work ride. However for two up riding on major roads I'll take the Ultra. The extra power and speed keeps me from getting run over by the 70mph big rigs!

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    Really the only time I feel the need for more power is on the open road when there is an extended uphill grade, headwind, or both that makes it difficult to keep up with traffic. I think the TW does very well considering it's just 200cc's, but there are times when it would be nice to have a little more. Fortunately I spend most of my time on the TW on dirt roads so it isn't an issue very often. A little more umph would just make the TW a little more versatile, is all.
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    Yes, if Yamaha is reading what we are saying, putting a 250-300 cc engine with a 6th gear would just about wipe out any competition. These bikes, I own two, are just a fun take it easy bike to cruise the backroads and forest trails, logging roads. When wanting to go home on the highway another 10mph would be nice.

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    I ride 125cc scooters, the TW, my 650cc parallel twin Kawasaki...

    I used to have a triumph speed triple 1050cc. It's just fun to go fast, but also MUCH safer on the highway or interstate to be able to pass traffic at a moment's notice. Also, fast bikes come with better tires, suspension, and brakes, so they're safer for that reason as well.

    Both my Speed Triple and the TW200 can go 55mph. I know which one can stop faster and swerve out of the way if need be. The TW is more nimble from 0-35mph though. Good for city driving.

    The TW attracts people that don't care about going fast. I'm attracted to it as a piece of machinery. I'd ride a Y2K jet engined bike if someone let me. I'll ride almost anything anyone will let me. I love going fast. I don't mind going slow.

    The TW200 was probably originally designed to meet some sort of laws for young riders in Japan. I doubt they have ever cared what we want in the USA in terms of small enduro bikes. What we all want is 2 stroke 300cc street legal bikes that make 50 horsepower and weigh 190 pounds. But you have to buy Italian (Beta) if you want that.
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