Fantastic forum, great bike
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    Cool Fantastic forum, great bike

    Hullo everyone, first post here. This forum has been terrific. I’ve been lurking (reading up) for a full year now. Thanks to everyone here, my T-dub “Orbit” has made tremendous leaps and gains. The rundown on the mods will be under Performance & Customization- when I can get to it!!

    I use the little bike heavily, and treat it as a serious motorcycle. It loads into my 4WD minivan reasonably well, so it’s been as far south as Mexico. I load it up and take it to Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, using it for in-city transportation. It spends roughly 70% of it’s DISTANCE on the tarmac, but 70% of it's TIME in the backcountry, occasionally on fairly technical single track. Although I’ve ridden it on freeways when distance needed to be covered, we’re all aware that continuous high speed riding is not the bike’s forte, so for the most part it stays on secondary roads- sometimes for long rides. Home base is a tiny community that’s not even on most maps, just east of the Cascade Crest in Washington state.

    The TW200 is ONE GREAT LITTLE MO-BIKE! Overseas (Colombia, South America for example) many people can't afford automobiles. They buy a motorcycle. The machines are physically fairly large, but a 125 is the Big bike. (Only the police seem to have 650’s) The entire family of 5 will ride on the bike together. Roads run the gamut from “non-existent” to “horrible”. Even the 2 lane highways are poor, and drivers are insane. These people would go nuts over something so capable, so universally usable, as the TW. It’s small and light. Has tons of torque, superb fuel economy, is amazing off road, yet hauls my 58 year old butt down the highway at 55-60. T-dub carries the gear I need; use it frequently for multi day trips. Sure, it has it’s limitations, but for a do-everything machine it’s amazing. The last thing, as everyone knows, is the fun factor. The T-dub has more built-in fun than any other motorcycle I’ve owned.

    A brief paragraph on my own background: Dad bought a little flatfender Willys CJ2A in 1961 when I was 6. I still have it!! Including the ancient physical title, probably worth more than the jeep. Have had it so long it’s been 5 colors!! (not all at once) V6, 20 forward speeds, 6 reverses, PTO winch, limited slip…unstoppable jeep, even washes itself whilst I drink a beer. Have also owned and operated/contracted Tucker Sno-Cats, Unimogs, Argo Amphibious 8x8’s… And, have built up, rebuilt or modified everything I own. Ocean sailing yacht (yep, built that too) currently in Mexico.

    Huge thanks to ALL THE GANG; those who continue to experiment, ride, and to take the time to tell us all about it!! Thanks to you all!!

    I’m putting up further posts in the other forums.

    -- Roy

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    Welcome to the forum Vagabond!

    We look forward to pics of your mods and adventures.


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    Welcome. I also owned a 2A, long gone now but my Father recently gave me his 43 MB. Fun! I'm curious what kind of 4WD minivan you have, I have a VW Vanagon Syncro that I really enjoy. I'll be following your engine build thread as I would like to do the same some day. Sounds like you're no stranger to adventure. I look forward to hearing more from you.
    My handle is B-dub, I ride a T-dub, and drive a V-dub.

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    Hey lads -- Brian, B-dub thanks for the notes. B-dub, the van is a fairly rare 4WD version of the late 80's Toyota Van. Same general 87, 8 & 89 era as the Syncro. Know that vehicle very well, fantastic travelling micro camper. The Toyota has 720,000 (yep, 3/4 million) miles on it. Its' a forklift engine; I rebuilt the original at 560K. I rebuild the 4WD's as a 'hobby'. -- R.
    2004 T-dub, 15/50-68 dual sprocket, modded carb, kickstart, weldment footpegs, EK o-ring chain, Shinko 241 front tire, Duro PG rear, Ride-on seal/balance f&r, Pro Taper bars w/ PG grips, folding mirrors, XT350 tank, f&r Cycleracks, Saddlemens gel seat insert, VisionX LED driving lights, TCI pan/guards, 230cc six speed engine/trans, Jimbo Shield (smoke); ongoing monkeyshinin'

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