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    TW therapy!

    Eleven weeks ago I had a new shoulder joint installed on my right side where the old ouchy one had been for many years. I have been diligent in going to physical therapy twice a week as well as doing the exercises that go along with the PT.

    Last Friday I performed some major repairs on the back of the frame of my TW. Yesterday I reinstalled the rear fender, seat, back rack and pelican box. Using the ratchet was a bit of a chore as I am right handed and not fully healed but I got it done.

    This morning I fired up the TW for a little ride. I cruised around the neighborhood, ran out of gas, put it on reserve and drove to a gas station and filled it up. So far so good; so, knowing that this little adventure was good for my healing attitude, I drove over to an irrigation canal road and did 2 miles of gravel at a very moderate pace. Then home I went with no sign of injury or pain. I think this shoulder is going to work.

    I am not ready for my usual crash a burn trails yet but seeing's how I am not a fan of hot weather I think I will just continue with mellow in town rides in the cool of the morning on a regular basis. Got to keep up with my therapy you know.

    Happy Trails All

    Ron in Boise
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    Congratulations Ron, glad to hear that you are back in saddle again!

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    Congrats Ron, I'm glad you can ride again. I am in the same boat(almost). Broke my right femur falling off a ladder on the 15th of June. Today is the first day I was able to ride my TW since the break. Decided as soon as I could lift my leg high enough to clear the saddle...then I was going to ride. Of course I cheated by sliding my foot across the seat and letting the leg sorta fall...but darnit I really wanted to ride...The summer has been wasting away while I sit around with a broken leg. Anyway...glad you're going again.

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    Ron....good for you. I had a shoulder separated in a ski crash and it took forever to feel completely right. TW therapy is always the best!

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    Congratulations to all who get that leg over the seat and manage to move down the road (paved or not, fast or slow, wheelie or just putting along). I have not separated a shoulder (lately), nor broken a leg (the ankle was years ago), and I still have my trepidations about whether the leg will go over that saddle (I'm not tall but I'm not short either), just cruising onto 68 yrs and glad to be riding in the wide open spaces. Stay well my friends. Tom
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    Glad to hear you're back on the TW, and glad to hear you're being smart about it, too. Yes, the TW is excellent therapy - keep it up! My TW is a stress reliever/mental therapy for me. Well, that's my excuse anyway. OK, who am I kidding - I ride it because it's so dang much fun! Maybe the two are connected there somewhere.

    Glad to hear you're on the mend too, Lance!
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    Things are looking up.
    Hidden Content A ride in the woods helps me relax and release tension. The fact I'm dragging a body should be entirely irrelevant?

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    When I compound fractured my right wrist many years ago my physical therapist could hardly believe the increase in the wrist movement degree measurements on a Monday after my first ride on a Sunday.

    Lost some movement through the week but much of the gain was permanent.

    You bet! M/C is the best therapy as long as reason is followed.

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