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Thread: Boots You Can Walk In

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    Boots You Can Walk In

    I want to visit some areas that require a hike of a few miles that the TW cant go. I need a recommendation of a pair of boots that I can hike in and have moderate protection. I am a senior so I don't ride crazy anymore.

    Years back my bike broke down 9 miles from help. I was damn near crippled from walking out in motorcycle boots and it took weeks for the blisters to heal- don't want to go there again.....

    Thanks for replying


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    I did a lot of hiking and climbing last weekend in my Forma Adventures and did not have any problems at all. They did not even need a break in period. Deton8r also has a pair and he provides pictures on post #29 of this thread:

    Another option, with slightly less protection, is the Gaerne Balance Oiled: Gaerne Balance Oiled Dual Sport Boots by Atomic Moto

    The above boots are good for walking, but I have no idea how they would hold up for your 9 mile hike. I would think that is a bit extreme for any motorcycle boot that still provides some protection.

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    +1 for the Gaerne Balance. By far my favorite pair of off road boots I've owned.

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    I wear boots, real boots, and carry a pair of shoes.
    My ankle has been surgically opened 5 times now. It's a risky proposition even with good boots.

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    I carry hiking boots and just change when I get to where I wanna hike. Might be a pain but your feet will thank you. I do ride sometimes with hiking boots but I've gotten pegs in the back of my legs doing that too. Plus branches and rocks on the shins.

    Good sturdy M/C boots + good sturdy hiking boots is the way to go in my opinion.

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    I'm 66 and wear Altama Black 8" LITESpeed Boot Sidezip : 3454 | . Lightweight, easy on/off, flexible and negates the need to carry other footwear.
    The greatest trick that Jay64 ever pulled was convincing the world he did exist.

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    Just got a pair of Forma Adventure boots and love them right out of the box.

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    First off riding boots are not hiking boots. You need a lug style sole and riding boots are smooth. I wear Keen laceup hikers for general riding and hiking. However if I'm doing a lot of off-roading I'll toss the keens in the backpack and wear MX-boots. You can't have it both ways.

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    This thread got me to thinking. I do a lot of hiking on some rides. Sometimes miles of hiking and also a lot of trail work. Carrying a large heavy duty pair of boots in the backpack to change into is a lot of extra weight to carry, but I like the extra protection for my lower legs.

    I have been neglecting tossing a pair of boots that have deteriorated soles. So here's what I did. May not look very PC or cool, but they work darn good. I'll be using them a lot. When I want to hike, I can just take them off and leave'em with the helmet until I get back.

    I plan to pop rivet some knee guards at the top. They'll be even prettier then.

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    I know the gear guys will flop around on the floor and tell me how dangerous it is, but I ride in Hiking boots. I don't do offroad riding anymore and I like to do a little hiking. All the riding boots I have are good for riding but not much else.
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