2009 vs. 2013 any meaningful difference?
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    2009 vs. 2013 any meaningful difference?

    I have a chance to pick up a 2009 Dub with about 3000 miles and very clean, for about $3450. Amny meaningful difference between that and a new one...besides 3000 miles and color?

    Thanks, Will

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    The color and the way it was cared for.
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    Seems a bit high unless it is tricked out with some nice add ons. You should be able to find a deal on a left over 2013 with zero miles and a warranty for $500-600 more.

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    I just bought a factory new 2013 for $3900 - they wanted $4100 but have a shipment of 2014 coming so they dropped the price

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    Just find the color scheme you like and go with that - unless it's really cherry, I can't imagine paying over $2500 for a TW. If the aesthetics are fine, there is almost nothing mechanical that you can't fix for little cost and effort. You can probably find a great deal in the sub-2k range if you're willing to tinker.

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    Where are you located? There are a few nice ones in NC on Craigs List.

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