Thought I bought a 2006 but title says 2007
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    Thought I bought a 2006 but title says 2007

    I got my title back from NC DOT this week and when I opened it I was surprised that it was listed as a 2007 TW200 Yamaha. On the steering neck it says 7/06 but the guys I bought it from said its a 2006. From the pictures of a 2007, its a 2007. What a deal..for once it went my way.

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    The factory probably made the bike on the date indicated by stamp.but sold it as a 07.most rides are made the year before there released. To meet supply and demand needs.

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    Check the VIN. That is the number to go back.
    In general, if it's built in the second half of the year, it's next years model. So yours should be a 2007. But the VIN will tell all.

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    Sounds about right. Mine is stamped 7/03, but is definitely a 2004 model year.
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