First "trip" on TW
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Thread: First "trip" on TW

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    First "trip" on TW

    The weather was nice and I was going out of town for the weekend so I decided to ride the TW instead of take the truck. It was only about 60 miles away so I thought it would be a great chance to get a better feel for the bike. It's been a long time since I rode a motorcycle out of town so it was pretty fun. The bike is a joy to ride. I've done a lot of searching on the forums about gearing and the like, and I discovered that my stock 14/50 gearing is where it's at for me. With earplugs in, I found myself cruising along at a comfortable 55-60 mph. I guess it only sounds like the bike is crying, when it's really not. In heavy traffic, I liked being at a higher rpm. I think it helped a lot keeping up with the traffic flow at higher speeds. I didn't feel like i was ever in the way of anyone. The only two things I realized that I really need are some new grips, and a little more comfortable seat. The vibration in my hands got old but not a real problem. When I got home yesterday I cut out a piece of old memory foam and stuck it under the Coleman seat cover. Not really much softer, but added a little more width, which will help. I'm also thinking about a way to damper the vibration a little on the mirrors. Coincidentally, when I rolled in to my destination Friday, my gf told me to come downtown. They were having a block party. Mostly classic cars and the like, but they had a bike alley. I pulled up and back the T-dub in to a long row of Harley's. Before I could get my helmet off there were several guys asking me about the bike. I thought that was pretty funny. I even got a few nods of approval from the Harley guys. One guy asked "you rode that thing from Mississippi?" Bottom line, I love this little bike. Not to mention the trip cost me about $5.
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    Thankful for all of my friends!!
    Great bikes aren't they? I drive a Harley too, but when I go with my Harley friends and drive the TW, they are always amazed that the little TW can keep right up with them (till 45 or 50 mph) and they don't gain a inch. Lots of HD riders show their respects to the mighty Tdub.

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    Hey - another MS rider! We should get a MS ride put together - maybe a weekend ride/picnic in a park or something. I've found that the other bikers are pretty cool - always get the salute when I drive by and give it back of course

    I was in town yesterday getting some groceries and a guy came over and was admiring my TW - said it would be the perfect hunting bike - that he'd had a dirt bike before but likes the TW's height and fat tires - I almost said "join the club" lol, but didnt'. Nice guy. An older lady saw me with my backpack and said "you gotta get some saddle bags for that thing!" lol She was dressed to the nines and driving a Lexus or something. Thought that was funny.

    I'm finding the stock sprockets to be just fine too. I've been out several times now on short trips like that. I'm looking forward to taking the Trace down to Jackson in the near future. Been waiting to get her broke-in good before I do that.

    I may have to go with a seat thing too - my butt does get a bit sore and I hear you on the grips too - I've found that gloves help a lot there though - the stock grips are pretty grippy which I like.
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    Congrats on the new toy.

    Vibration is subjective and one man's ceiling is another man's floor. To a lot of people the TW is "buzzy" by nature.

    But even brand new TW's often have loose or undertorqued motor mount and swingarm bolts and these are often the culprits in term of UNUSUAL vibes.

    When you have time check your bolts and torque them by the book. Don't forget to pull the tank and do the top mount. Things may or may not improve for you but at least then you'll know what "normal" is for your bike.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    Will do that. I really don't feel it anywhere but in my hands, but it was enough to make my hands ache after a short while. May be that new grips will cure that. I will be pulling the tank regardless though. I'm not really fond of that blue color.

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    My remedy for vibration is to wear a set of mechanix gloves with GEL padding in the hands. Makes long rides a little less work on the hands

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    Hey man, 60 miles is a start!

    Like others have pointed out before, it's kinda funny that some folks think you can't take a trip on anything less than 1200cc when "adventure motorcycling" is just a way of life and getting around in much of the third world even today, and most of that riding gets done on 49-125cc!

    As you've experienced already, part of the fun of taking longer trips on a TW is the incredulous "You rode that Here? from THERE?!? reactions from those who would doubt the mightiness of the TW200.

    May this be the first trip of many for you and your T-dub!
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    Sounds like a great ride! Some people have found that loading the bars with lead shot helps to reduce the vibration. I thought of using airsoft BB's, but probably not enough mass. JoeMama had the same problem with vibration. He bought a tube of silicone caulk and pumped his handlebars full of that. He said it made a significant improvement. I hope we get to see more ride reports from you. Thanks!
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    I was/am at times bothered by vibration too, to the point my hand(s) mostly the right one goes numb. It did it on my old street bike to. I figured it was a combination of vibration and holding a constant throttle position. I changed to a different front tire and that seemed to help a lot. I just added Tusk D-flex hand guards and now the problem is back.
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