Mostly Street Riding
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Thread: Mostly Street Riding

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    Mostly Street Riding

    I am finding that my 'Old' body wont take much off road riding but I don't like to highway cruise either. I am mostly running around our out post desert neighborhood in Arizona. Maybe I should have bought a small road bike - anyone else do mostly road riding??


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    Most of my riding is on dirt roads, I'm tired of the highway and there is virtually no place to ride off road here. Pavement is my enemy and I truly enjoy the road less traveled.
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    I'm in the same situation but the TW still works for me because it is a dual-purpose machine that doesn't mind leaving the pavement. I enjoy using the bike on graded dirt roads and fire trails to get to out of the way places. My days of climbing over rocks and bashing through trees are pretty much over. I cruise at 45 mph on our lonely rural county paved roads and if anyone ever comes up behind me (pretty rare) they always pull way over to pass. And you get to see a lot more at 45 mph.

    But your TW has excellent resale value if you decide to get a small street bike instead.
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    Lakewood, CO
    I ride mostly on local roads/streets. I wish I could get out to more remote riding, but it just isn't working out that way right now. I do ride into the local mountains but it's all paved/well maintained dirt roads. Anyhow the TW does just fine IMO ( ok, a little more HP would be great though, the altitude here doesn't help ) but I wouldn't trade it for a street cruiser - the TW is unique in appearance and has a great seating position.

    Anything in particular that makes you consider a road bike? Lots of mods can be done to improve street performance - rear sprockets, tires, windscreens etc. With specifics, I'm sure folks around here could provide some great suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystic Explorer View Post
    I am finding that my 'Old' body wont take much off road riding but I don't like to highway cruise either. I am mostly running around our out post desert neighborhood in Arizona. Maybe I should have bought a small road bike - anyone else do mostly road riding??

    I do mostly paved roads/graded roads/city streets and once in a great while, nasty roads/trails.
    I find the TW200 agile and easy to use in pretty much all types of situations and lately has become my everyday mode of transportation.
    I have equiped her with a cyclerack, an agtube where I keep tire repair tools, a small bag in de handle bar where I carry glasses, Iphone, etc., and a small windshield.
    It still has the OEM tires that I will change only when they get worn out and by them is when I will give a thought as to which type of tires would be more appropriate for my type of riding.
    Also, I have found out that a sprocket combination of 14/47 is great for my type of riding, which is installed in a double sprocket with 47 and 52 teeth. I switch to 52 when riding in trails.
    Where in AZ are you? I used to live in Ft. Huachuca and in Green Valley. Lots of great hidden secondary roads in those two areas.

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    Reno, NV
    All road riding for me! Just get some different tires.


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    I only ride my 2002 TW200 on the road and I was actually just on ebay picking up a 47t sprocket. I'm only 5'6" 155lbs so that should be OK for where I ride as it's pretty flat.

    When I ride offroad, which is where I mostly ride, I take my other 200!
    The TW is great, but at 209lbs and almost 40hp the KTM 200xcw is probably one of the best woods/single track bikes ever made!

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    Naples, FL
    I'm in SW FL and ride mostly roads till the swamps are a little less swampy. Then it'll be dirt, gravel, sand and anything else I can find to stick under my tires. As a road bike, it'll hack it but I'd probably opt for road oriented tires. I am continually impressed by how happy this bike makes me. Had it screaming @ 60mph yesterday for a couple hours yesterday without a hiccup. My hands are asking me for a day off... Think I'll start looking for some lead shot to keep the fingers from tingling.
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    the Coastal Empire (i.e. islands outside Savannah)
    CJ7s and TWs, my two favorite vehicles to own. Check out for the latest thread on vibs, I swear by my gloves. More than 10 miles with out them becomes uncomfortable, but I can go all day with them on.

    I do mainly street, here the dirt and sand fun is spread out so a TW that you can ride from one spot to the next is the only way to go. Also the TW is my main mode of (off work) transport and she's pretty close to stock. I have/have had dirt bikes and cruisers and crotch rockets and cafes and classics, etc. but for less than a 200 mile road trip or less than two days off road it is the TW for me, hands down no hesitation. I'm home and showered with a beer by the time others are getting their dirt bike strapped down on the trailer, running around town I'm smiling while the crotch rocket kids are fighting the bike to make it go slow and still be stable and comfortable, and I'm laughing at the cruiser guys fighting their heavy weights all day while I'm throwing my bike around like a little pit bike.

    For everyday riding my girl is the TW. For the specialized stuff (track days, long trips) there are other bikes just for that, but they are only good at that one specialized task. I don't know if it's a case of less is more or what, but other than the first time I ever road a bike no other bike has ment so much to me and made me so happy. All my other bikes have that magic number that if you offered I'd sell it for, not the TW she's mine and she's in my will.
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    Forever grateful for all your help brother
    2005 TW wrecked in ‘14 and rebuilt in ‘17. ‘06 donor parts and new OEM, Carb jetted & shimmed, ‘04 XT225 gas tank, UNI air filter, Shinko 241 front, modded Krator pegs, IMS folding shifter, JT 14/47 sprockets, huge car horn, tool tube, DR8EIX plug, short rear signals, Cycleracks rear, All Balls steering bearings, Protaper ATV High bars, OEM Kickstarter with more to come...

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    Other than messing around on my land - easy off-road and riding to and from my house on dirt/gravel roads, my riding has been all street. I stick to the state highways and other 55 or less speed limit roads. Feel perfectly at home on those.
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