comparing the TW200 to Yamaha FJR1300
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    comparing the TW200 to Yamaha FJR1300

    I rode both bikes up north, 245 miles one way, on MN hiways and county roads and here's how they compare.
    TW is 200 cc, 12 hp
    FJR is 1300cc, 122.5 hp
    TW got 80-85 mpg going 50-60 mph, refueled 3 times
    FJR got 48-50 mpg going 55-65mph,no refueling due to a much larger fuel tank.
    FJR was unefected by winds where as the TW was breathing hard against a headwind.
    FJR has more carrying capacity
    TW has a higher fun factor, even on the highway.
    FJR is quiter and smoother(engine wise)
    TW can go anywhere, except swamps.
    seats have the same comfort level, using an airhawk seat cushion, the FJR even has a corbin seat.
    both bikes have a windshield, spitfire on the TW and stock power adjustable windshield on the FJR, which is nice.
    can run on any road or trail with the TW where FJR is limited to paved roads.
    both bikes are fun and have their place, but the TW will be in my stable for a long time.

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    Ditto, except insert triumph were fzr appears..............All short rides near our house are on the dubs. OMM.

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    FJR can carry more cargo,must be thinking of the wrong 1300?.

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    +1 sustitute Kawasaki Conours 1400 for FJR1300 and I wish my Connie got was good mileage as your FJR.
    It's only the end of the rode if you fail to make the turn.

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    Yamaha's have always gave me better fuel ecominey than other bikes of comparable size and I ride the FJR like a little old lady. Rarely exceeding the posted speed limits.

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