First impressions
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    First impressions

    I got a 2001 TW last week with 700 miles on it. Tried to plate it but it didn't pass safety - chain and sprockets had to be changed so I had the shop put an o ring chain on it and a 55 in the rear. Wanted a smaller in the front too but they couldn't find one and I didn't want to wait. Already ordered 13T and 12T from procycle and will swap them when have time. Anyhow I took it for a first ride yesterday. Put it in the truck drove for just over an hour to an area I been on back when I had a KLR (but didn't always dare to go on steep and rocky in spots trails in the woods) and rode it for a few hours. What a blast!!!!!!!! This bike is fantastic for that kind of stuff it just flies over this rocks. A better rider maybe yes but I would never been able to ride there on a heavier dual sport bike. During my ride I managed to get stuck in a thigh deep puddle/swamp (and rock the bike out, thank god is so light), drop the bike on a rocky section hitting the clutch lever on the way down (instead of breaking it just slid down the handlebar and I pushed it right back - voila) and scare away a black bear that was standing on the trail (I guess loud pipes DO save lifes). I am REALLY impressed! To the point that today my wife and I are going to take a look at another low milage TW that is for sale in the area. That one would be for her.

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    Nice Yan, very nice. They really are special bikes, and if you are not in a hurry, they will serve you very well.

    Get that front sprocket changed out as soon as possible. You really want to do both sprockets when you put on a new chain. That old one will tear up your new chain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yan View Post
    Already ordered 13T and 12T from procycle and will swap them when have time.
    I think you will find that the 12 tooth sprocket will not work. The side links will contact the screws or the clip and will destroy each other in short order. I have had a 13 tooth for the last 5,500 miles with no problem. 13/55 is a great ratio for gnarly slow terrain and high altitude.
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    Congrats on your new ride! They really are great bikes - love mine too.
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