New to the world of TW200!
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    New to the world of TW200!

    Good Afternoon to all. My name is Earl and Iím fairly new to this site. Well, not exactly new since Iíve been following a lot of the posts on here for the past year and a half or so. I came across a í91 TW200 back in 2010. I got it from a buddy who found it at a hoarderís house. It hadnít been running since 2008 when I got it (for free too!). I had finally been able to get to it 2011 and got it semi-running. It was running real rough at that point. I put a pause on it due to work commitments. Iím in the military so I have to split up my time between the family, work, and my bikes (í02 GSXR-750 and í06 R1). I discovered this site back in the beginning of 2012 and found a myriad of possibilities for my TW. I finally was able to get to it (again) the past few months. I started by de-rusting the tank twice. First, by using Metal Rescue and the second time by electrolysis. I replaced the plug, battery, and oil/oil filter. I purchased new Tygon fuel lines based on the threads on this site. I then cleaned out the carb real good, which I didnít do last time because I had no knowledge of carbs before. Also found good carb cleaning info on this site. Finally was able to get it running yesterday! I got it running and was able to tool around in a field with my oldest daughter (12) on her TTR-50 and on the street with my youngest daughter (6) on her electric quad. I just want to thank all of the posters on this site for all the maintenance info Iíve received here. I deploy in 2 weeks and have to wait 7 months after my deployment before I can start doing mods like some of the ones Iíve seen here. The only issue I have now is that it takes a quite a few tries to get it started. Not sure why but it sometimes starts via electric start and sometimes kickstart. Which I have to replace also because the return spring is broken. Anyways, thanks again to all posters on this site! And Iím looking forward to doing a complete tear down and rebuild post when I get back!

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    Welcome Earl!
    Great forum here and lots of helpful folks.
    Make sure before you go to put some Sta-bul or Berrymans in the tank to keep the gas fresh and the carb from getting gummed up. Before you go, you might try some Lucus Deep Fuel Cleaner and run the bike around a little, it really helps clean things up and sometimes saves you from having to rebuild the carb. I have noticed a difference within a couple miles after adding that. Starting, idle and performance were better and the carb has never had to be taken off yet.
    Enjoy that bike! And thank you for your service.

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    Yes, thank you for your service!

    And welcome to the board!
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