Beginner Riders Course
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    Beginner Riders Course

    Did motorcycle safety foundation's beginner riders course this weekend.
    Exhausting, grueling- mentally and physically
    Very worth doing. Especially after youve had a few weeks on your own bike.
    I recommend skipping 2-3 exercise days before, go off diet morning of(carb up), hydrate, snack, stretch.
    If you ride, you need this course.
    My MSF card had an advert for their off road riders course. Want that.
    So, tw will do unintended "stoppies" during breaking portion. Of the course without enough rear brake.
    Military instructors n students, taught on a helicopter pad.
    3 instructors, 3students.
    All brought their own bikes. (Tw, ktm350, n a cruiser)
    We moved fast enough they gave us a bit of the next course.
    "Friction zone and tight turning could be its own 4 hour class.
    TW cornered like it was magic. Im not that good. Bike makes up for that.

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    Your insurance company may also give you a discount.

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    Took the course also. Here it was offered by local Harley dealer, don't recommend THAT option if you have another available. Instructors wasted a LOT of class time "selling" Harley bikes and accessories.

    Agree that the tight turning section could be longer.

    It was in the 100s+ for my course in July, miserable when we weren't riding.
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