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Thread: Rib protection

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    Rib protection

    I've started offroading on gravel, dirt and big rocks. I'm worried about crashing on my side and hurting my ribs. Any product out there u guys wear for scenarios like this?

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    How about a couple pillows under your shirt? A ballistic jersey works well. There is a correct way to fall and it will results in fewer injuries.
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    Back in 1992 I had a double bypass surgery. In the process, they split my sternum and when they were done in there they wired it back together. The Dr. said I could not go riding until at least 10 weeks. The idea of my chest being wired together got me nervous enough that I purchased a good quality chest protector that also covered much of my back and shoulders.

    On the first day of the eleventh week I load my bike up and when I was done with work that day I headed for the Danskin area with my oldest son. We were cutting across a big shale slide when my front tire washed out. It stopped suddenly and over the handle bars I went. Just as I was about to hit the rocks, I thought, "This is going to hurt or worse". When I landed on my back, it knocked a little wind out of me but no pain involved.

    Since then, when riding single tracks and rough country, I have always worn my chest protector. I even made a camera mount fitted to it that can be seen on my Icon. I have eaten the ground a few time since then and I know that the chest protector has save my ribs numerous times.

    Happy Trails All

    Ron in Boise
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    What Ron said!

    It's not if, but when.

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    yeh, there's lots of body protection available now. check any dirt bike magazine for the ads, find the vendors or mfg names

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    Cabelas bargain cave...they still have armor for under $20.

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