2009 TW200 w/750 miles for $2400?
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Thread: 2009 TW200 w/750 miles for $2400?

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    2009 TW200 w/750 miles for $2400?

    Hello. Brand new to the forum. Love the look of TW200s. wanting to get one for my wife (and for me to have fun on). Wondering how you feel about a 2009 with 750 miles on it for $2400. Going to go test ride it but let me know your thoughts. Also random question but she's pretty short (5 foot 2 inches). are these pretty tall stock? Any suggestions for easy modifications to make them a bit shorter?

    Thanks, hope to be here more often if the sale works out.

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    Welcome aboard sir!

    TW is a short bike in the stock configuration. The seat height is 31.1", however, at 5' 2" she'll feel like she's riding a KTM enduro. Other members can probably speak about lowering kits better than I as I have the opposite problem (6'5").

    $2400 for a 2009 with 750 is a great deal in my opinion if the bike is clean and a good runner. Go buy it, or it'll be gone!!!

    Good luck!

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    i'd say its a really good price. mine is a 2005, had 1400 miles when I got it for $2350. But a 4 year old bike with only 750 miles, it sat a lot. need to check it over good. prob will need a battery. I'm short so the bike feels a bit tall, altho I've always ridden tall bikes... BMW. but the Tdub is so light it doesn't matter much.

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    It will probably need a battery as Tuber said, but that's a ~$40-60 part and they usually barely last 3 years anyway.

    With that low of an odometer, I wouldn't be surprised if you need to clean the carb too. Unless they treated the gas or ran it dry before storing, it's probably got a little gum or varnish in there. In the scheme of these bikes, that's nothing and I wouldn't shy away from it for a second due to that.

    Good luck!

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    Prices vary from region to region dependent on many factors. Watch Craigslist/classifieds/Ebay for your area (and surrounding areas) for a while to see what bikes are going for in various conditions if you can. It'll give you a better idea of what "the going rate" is. All in all doesn't sound like a bad price for a bike in excellent condition.

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    For that year/mileage in FL, you'd be looking at $3,800. For $2,400 you'd be looking at 04 or older with 6,000+ miles. I'd snatch it up! Follow the advice of others and see what's reasonable in your area.

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    Buy it!
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    value seems to be very geographic

    if you're in the Northwest or Cali and Florida I'd say it's worth $3300 to $3500 in primo condition (fresh battery / clean carb) anywhere else in the country $2400 to $2500 is average price wise

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    If it is one-owner, clean, and adult ridden, you can't go wrong. Stored inside is always a huge plus. Sometimes asking just that is all you need to know that the bike is a good one.

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    Just yesterday a guy right up the road listed a 1995 TW for $2400 in good condition and ready to ride. I don't need another and his price was very high but I drove the 6 miles to take a look.

    What some guys are thinking is beyond me! I would not give him $800 for his bike and it is hammered. Starting with the chain and both sprockets that look like saw blades and it would take the rest of this page to list the parts this junker needs. Even both rims are dinged up pretty good and rusty! He kept pushing me to make him an offer and I walked. He has relisted it for $2,000 now and is still $1200-$1500 high.

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