Found this forum 3 months ago, bought a new 2013 TW two months ago, saying hello
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    Found this forum 3 months ago, bought a new 2013 TW two months ago, saying hello

    At first I thought I made a mistake (kinda wish I'd discovered the Honda CB500X before leaping), but I've put 1200 miles on it in the last two months and now really digging it. My last two bikes were a Kawasaki GPZ550 and Yamaha YZ250 and I've added about 50lbs to my girth since I've owned them, so the TW still seems slow but I'm too old to worry too much about speed. My goal was a low displacement, poor man's adventure bike, and I think the TW will fit the bill although I broke a promise to myself to never own another drum brake.

    So far all I've really done is add a Cyclerack (those guys are great with customer service!). 1st I put on a Tough Box like a few people here, but had to remove it for my bike rack, as my greatest love is cycling. Have two Pelican 1430s for panniers, but need to source a local welder and short tailights before they go on. Then next on the agenda is a 47T rear sprocket & Bridgestone TW203/4 tires, as I'm about 95% road 5% off, and it's a daily driver.

    Anyway Hello & thanks for all the great ideas and advice I've read here!
    TW200_IMG_1720.jpg TW200-13-Sept_0786.jpg

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    Now that's got to get a lot of double takes on the road.

    Welcome to the funny farm.
    Stephen S.

    '07 TW200:

    15/50 sprockets, O-ring chain, D2Moto foot pegs

    tweaked carb (127.5 jet, 0.019 needle shim, idle screw @2.25),

    Rubbermaid "Action Packer" on homemade brackets

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    It's always a good idea to have a backup plan. If my tool roll gets much bigger it will outweigh that bicycle.


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