Hello TW200 fans.....I just registered today.
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    Hello TW200 fans.....I just registered today.

    I have used the forum in the past for research......thanks.

    I just bought a used 2004 TW200 so I felt like I should join up.

    Part of the time mine will be on a rack on the back of my small motorhome.

    I have looked at the TW200 for a long time.

    I had a lot of small motorcycles in my youth (1960s) and enjoyed riding and working on them.

    First bike was a 1948 125cc Harley Hummer which was strangely like the TW200?

    Bill Kiene
    Davis, CA

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    welcome to the forum bill!

    what are you doing in two weeks? there's a group of us TW riders, planning a day long 160+/- mile ride out of clearlake. you should come and ride.

    1994 TW226- 6spd. 10w-40 synthetic, XTHidden Content , XT225 stainless header, +2" Joemama swingarm, lizrd cooler, +20% fork springs, +25% rear spring, 2001 speedo w/ trip odo, pro taper atv bars, bark busters, shinko 241 front tire, front fender w/ mr bracket bracket, Hidden Content , o-ring chain, ricochet skid plate, Hidden Content , XT225 rear brake cam lever, folding-tip shifter, cycle rack, kolpin 1.5 aux tank & 1450 pelican case. Hidden Content or Hidden Content

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    Hello and welcome!

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    Hi Bill, Welcome aboard! It is good to have another NorCal TWer around. Joe is right, please feel welcome to join us for the Round Up Ride on Oct. 12.


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    Lakewood, CO

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    Your hooked now!. Hello and welcome.

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    Welcome to our sickness!
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    2005 TW200 (SOLD)
    2013 DR650

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    Hi Bill
    I too am a relatively new member of this forum and, interestingly, I also bought it to carry on the back of my small RV. I bought an aluminum rack branded "Rage" and rated to carry 400 lbs. I think I paid $130 including shipping. It works fine for me, but I did have to extend the ramp as the 45 inch length made the ramp too steep for me to push the bike up. My MH is a 4x4 with bigger tires though, so you may not have the same problem. I'm thinking of buying another Tdub and rack to put on the front of my RV so that I will not have to ride two up when my girlfriend is along.

    I found this forum after I bought the Tdub. I was researching the racks and used info I found here to narrow my search. As you may have found there are many on this forum who are extremely knowledgeable, and thankfully, they are willing to share their knowledge. Based on what I read on here, I bought and installed a "tractor tube". I will also get "DMO" pegs, the "Jimbo shield", and the "Cycleracks" rear rack. Otherwise, stock seems to work fine for me. I found all of this stuff thanks to the forum.

    You may as well go ahead and check the clutch return spring on your Tdub. Mine was not installed correctly; a problem I discovered because of a question someone posed and got answered here.

    Have fun, Bob

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    Welcome to the forum Bill!

    Feel free to ask any questions that may arise as you become accustomed to your new bike. Also, we would love to have you join us for the upcoming Cow Mountain get-together. I will be coming from the East Bay area, and I know that there will be one member from Woodland also coming. This a non-competitive ride, well suited to an old and slow rider like me.


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