California registration
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    California registration

    I just bought a prestine 1987 TW200. It was last registered in 1997. I am going throuh the process to satisfy the Ca DMV. They require Federal certificate that the MC was manufactured passing Federal safety and smog requirements. I want to register the bike for both off and on road riding.

    Does anyone know if there is a certificate stamp or decal placed on the bike showing that it is Fererally accepted ? If so where is it ?
    DMV told me as a last resotrt I need a letter from Yamaha starting that the MC met Federal requirements when delivered into the US/CAlif..

    Thank you, Bob

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    Not an issue. PM me and I'll hook you up.

    However if it was originally a Cali bike you'll find everything those delightful and charming civil servants require on a decal stuck to the inside of the plastic sidecover.

    Never mind the fact that it already states that it meets all applicable FEDERAL standards clearly on the neck, which they almost always refuse to accept, depending of course on what they had for breakfast.

    You lost the coin toss. Heads, we make the guy who guarantees our pension jump through hoops, or tails, we leave him alone so we'll have more time to go pull the wings off the flies in the lunchroom.

    If they give you any further issues bypass them and call your local B.A.R. office. The requirement is is emissions-driven, not equipment or safety driven. and they'll set them straight.

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    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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