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Thread: San Francisco Mechanic Recommendations

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    San Francisco Mechanic Recommendations

    Hello TW Forum!

    It has been a while since I have posed on this site. I just completed a cross-country move from Washington, DC to San Francisco, CA--and it is riding season here! But, before I can hit the streets, I need some urgent maintenance work to be done on my bike. While its urgent, it is not too terribly complicated: I just need to replace my chain and sprocketI

    I could hunker down and do this work myself, but I am currently living as a guest at a home that does not have the equipment nor tools to get the job done. Further, I don't want to wear out the welcome mat by making a mess in their garage.

    SO, I ask the SF Bay TW community which mechanics are recommended? I would also happily pay a forum member to do the work if someone out there is interested!

    Best, Tyler
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    Hi Tyler,

    Welcome to the Bay Area!

    I live in Pleasanton, which is about a 45 minute drive east of San Francisco (a little longer if you want to ride your TW!). I would be happy to help you replace your chain and sprocket if you are able to get your bike to my place. I am busy this weekend with the Cow Mountain ride, but most weekends would work for me.

    Let me know,


    p.s. I believe that you and I swapped engines a few years ago, right?

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    Good to speak with you again, Brian! I will email you directly with the particulars!


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