just a general observation.......
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Thread: just a general observation.......

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    just a general observation.......

    there are 2 types of biker's ......"those who have been down" and those "who are going down".....my old body is stiff and sore this morning!

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    Ride slower, think faster.....

    At least nothing is bent or broken, I hope.
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    welcome to the club! Hope you get feeling better
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    took my 1st spill 2 weeks ago on a rented XT250...no sweat, but it was tough to pick up since I was on a steep downgrade....live, learn, and don't get too broken in the process

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    Early yesterday morning I decided to check out a trail nearby. And was quite pleased with what I found. I was about 3km in maybe when I came up to this. I could see the end of the trail just ahead though so I went for it. Made it but, Needless to say I did drop it a couple times.

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    Looks like fun!

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    I've gotten pretty lucky here and there myself. I mentioned in an other post of flipping a go-kart when I was younger, downed a couple bicycles too; one time on a mountain bike I was trying to do a *stoppie* like a dumbass so I could pretend to learn to do it on my crotch rocket that ended in huge failure and NEVER attempted that on my street bike. I know what I did wrong and how to fix it but the costs out weighed the cool factor by leaps and bounds. That damn mountain bike had clip in shoes too!

    On a different note I have never downed a *motorcycle* not once. I even had a dirt bike before and after the go-kart and so far so lucky... I aim to keep it that way! There has been some near-misses from time to time but I try not to think about it, other than use my near-miss as a lessons learned and try to apply positive feedback. Kinda like the stoppie lesson on the mountain bike haha. *dumbass*

    Someone should come up with *near-miss* kill count sticker, I could probably fill up a side of the gas tank with those.

    Hope some R&R helps!

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    Three types: Those who have crashed, those who will crash, and those who will crash again and quite possibly again, and again, and again, and...

    Feel better soon.
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    Heal fast

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