Man, I just love this bike!
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Thread: Man, I just love this bike!

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    Man, I just love this bike!

    18 months ago, I finally bought my first motorcycle. A brand spankin' new 2011 Yamaha TW200.

    I'd had my MC license for more than to 10 years, but life just seemed to keep getting in the way of me buying a bike of my own. Occasional spins on friends' bikes was all the riding I had in that lost decade. I'd never ridden a TW, I rode a Nighthawk 250 for the MSF class, but after doing some research and sitting on one at the dealership I knew that this fat-tired little trail bike was the bike for me!

    I joined this forum right after buying the TW, and you jokers immediately began exerting your bad influence onto my wallet!

    Jimbo Shield came first:

    Cycleracks soon followed:

    After that it's all a blur!

    Somewhere in the midst of all that I bought a second bike, but on days like today when I just feel like having some fun on a motorcycle I always find myself reaching for the TW key. When it comes to exploring, poking around, and heading out to ride wherever the spirit moves you, the TW is KING!

    There's just something about this bike. It's demonstrably not the most capable dirt bike out there, far from the sportiest street bike, but how can you not love a bike that you take out for canyon carving and then get to take on a turn off the blacktop to crawl up a rutted FS road on just cuz you can?

    I'm sure that there's plenty of folks out there that feel the same about other DS bikes, but they're wrong, right? I'm sure a more skilled rider could do what I did today (and last weekend, and the weekend before that, etc…) on a KLR like mine, but I love my TW mostly because it's just so easy, fun, and forgiving to ride.

    There's not really much point to this post, I've just been feeling extra warm and fuzzy about my TW after my last couple of wandering, pointless rides and I felt compelled to spout off to some folks who might just understand where I'm coming from.
    2011 TW200 - Sold - after 9700 miles and 1,000,000 smiles. So long Tee Dub!
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    Understood totally.
    Sweet looking bike Don.

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    Folks just don't understand. I usually get the statement of " a 200cc bike....c'mon". Until you ride one,you just won't understand. "It's a TW thing".

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    Quote Originally Posted by frog13 View Post
    Folks just don't understand. I usually get the statement of " a 200cc bike....c'mon". Until you ride one,you just won't understand. "It's a TW thing".
    I agree 100%. I'm going to convert a friend of mine tomorrow... He has no idea what he's in for, LOL.
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    I get to ride a lot of bikes and I love to ride all kinds. After getting off of the newest coolest bike I am never disappointed riding home on the TW. If I could have only one bike where I live now the TW would be it.
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    2011 TW200: Protaper Fat Bars, IMS Pegs, Cyclerack, Moose Racing Tail Bag, Cyrca Handguards, VStrom Mirrors, Jimbo Shield, Oxford Heated Grips, ProCycle 15k spring, 2x2cycles rack, seat concepts, Cyclops Adventure Sports LED conversion

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    I will agree with all that, I am a new t-dub owner (for about 2 weeks now) and I just love mine. Took it on my first minnie adventure ride to day and logged 85 fun miles. 20131109_130801.jpg

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    Yep, I hear ya. I love my T-dub, too. Nicely outfitted, and good looking bike by the way.
    My handle is B-dub, I ride a T-dub, and drive a V-dub.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonBenito View Post

    just cuz you can?

    Hidden Content A ride in the woods helps me relax and release tension. The fact I'm dragging a body should be entirely irrelevant?

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    Don, it sounds like you have caught that Lizrdbrth virus. It doesn't matter what happens to it, if it is your fault or the bikes, you still love it just the same. I have owned my 1994 since 1996, and I still have the virus, so be prepared to be infected for a long time. Maybe we should asked Lizrdbrth if their is any kind of a cure?

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    This should have been posted in TinMan Tim's contest thread. I would get my vote. I think many of us fel the same as Don.


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