Happy Veterans Day and Thank you for serving our country!
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Thread: Happy Veterans Day and Thank you for serving our country!

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    Happy Veterans Day and Thank you for serving our country!

    Thank you to all my fellow Veterans who served our country!
    May God Bless you today.

    Take the time today to thank a veteran for your freedom.
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    I would also like to add my thanks to the veterans for your service and sacrifices for our country, and for me and my family. I greatly enjoy my freedoms, and so appreciate all you've done to help make that possible.
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    Yep, thank you, I do appreciat you all.
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    thank you to the men and women that have served
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    To all Vets., THANK YOU!
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    My thanks as well, DaNang, 1965, 178th Signal Company......and a short story....I live in Kingman, Arizona and to keep myself busy I volunteer one day a week at our local Regional Medical Center. About two weeks after I started there 5 years ago, I was setting at lunch in the hospital cafeteria one day and up walks another volunteer and sits down. We talk and introduce ourselves and I notice he has not only a Viet Nam pin but also is wearing a Signal Corps pin. I ask him where he had served and he says DaNang.....I ask when and he says 65-66....I ask him his outfit and damned if he doesn't say the 178th Signal Company.....I had been home over 40 years at the time and he is the only guy I have ever met that was in my outfit......small world indeed.


    PS, belated happy birthday to all you Marines out there...

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    It is a small country. I live in a small town of 3500. A fellow replaced me on the same unit as a mechanic on cobras a week after I left VN. I got to talk with him one time and said we had to get together and catch up. He was killed a week later falling timber. His dad dropped a tree and crushed him. I just went to a reunion in Killeen Tx and met a fellow that served at the same time as I. He was in the infantry and I was maintenance on cobras. I am sure we flew on the same hueys, but never really connected until the reunion. Look up your units and see what is going on with reunions. Is always nice to be able to be with the comrades you were with in harms way.
    To those that have served and to those in harms way today, I salute you.

    I served with many units in my career, but the one I revere is Brp, 1st of the 9th Cav. I served from 70-71 in VN. Anyone out there, give me a shout. Bearcat, Quan Loi, Katum.

    Built this jeep to honor the unit I served with.
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    I was at DaNang from March 67 till Feb 68. AF 366TFW
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    I remember well the Air Force side of the base. In early 66 the Air Force guys came up with a soft ice cream machine and had hundreds of guys from all services standing in line all hours they were open. At the time there was 2 divisions of Marines on the west side of the base and they would trade just about anything they had for soft ice cream or cold beer. The Rice Paddy Inn, which was on my compound was the most popular watering hole around......we had taken the most of the air conditioners that we ordered for the CommCenter and installed them in the club.....it was damned cold compared to any other place on Danang Air Base.....

    Just ourside of my compound was a Vietnamese operated "bar" where you could buy just about anything you needed/wanted......it went pretty well until one of the Marines fell in love with one of the bar girls and subsequently shot up the place when he stopped by one day and found his girlfriend engaged with another customer.......word of the shooting on base got to the ears of the Air Force chaplain and he quickly put an end to the establishment.....oh well.......


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