Winter riding
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Thread: Winter riding

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    Senior Member rurlndum's Avatar
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    Jun 2013

    Winter riding

    I am having way too much fun riding my TW in November and I don't want to put it away for the winter.

    What do I need to buy to keep riding in my upcoming 35 degree winter temps? Maybe a snowmobile suit? Snow and ice will not be a factor.

    Glad I'm not living in northern Wisconsin anymore.

    Thanks for the help,


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    Senior Member OurDee's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    North Central Illinois
    AlpineStars Drystar works well for me.
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    Jun 2013
    I'm in WI, I just put on a lot of layers. Dont go out when it is icy, but I do go out above 32 degrees and layers, good gloves, and a thermal head cover under helmet works great for me.
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    Senior Member Mongol Pete's Avatar
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    Oct 2013
    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
    I'm gonna attempt to ride tomorrow

    It's gonna be around 8 degrees F and snowy, but I'm getting my bike!
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    Aug 2013
    Excelsior, MN
    I'm still commuting to work in Minnesota. Rode 40 miles in 19 degrees F on Monday. That about my limit. I'll only ride when it's below freezing if it's overcast and there hasn't been any kind of precipitation event (e.g. Dry roads). I won't ride if salt has been applied. You ABSOLUTELY must watch for black ice on all surfaces, at all times or you WILL go down.

    My gear:
    First Gear Jaunt (old reliable. Wind proof, waterproof, and super warm)
    Tour Master Caliber pants with liner (see old reliable description)
    Gaerne Balance Oiled boots
    Aerostich Gauntlet gloves
    Aerostich Wind Triangle (won't ride anywhere w/o it)
    Mountain Hardware Gaitors (between boots and pant cuff to eradicate drafts)
    Shitty old modular helmet

    All in all, this is an incredibly comfortable, functional winter setup. Only my forehead gets cold.
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    Naples, FL
    Quote Originally Posted by 50short View Post
    Only my forehead gets cold.
    Please be careful with the forehead getting cold. When I was in the Army, during Basic one of the guys in my platoon got frostbite on his forehead while on a roadmarch. Frostbite scarring can be really ugly and permanent tissue damage to the forehead could cause muscle tissue problems leaving you without the ability to raise your eyebrows. Without the ability to move your eyebrows, facial expressions become comical such as when someone is angry. There are some things I'm just not willing to do when it comes to frostbite although I have ridden in 8*F temps myself (very short distance).
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    Senior Member skippyboyo2's Avatar
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    Oct 2013
    yorkshire uk
    why on earth would you put the bike away! the lowest temp ive seen in the uk is -15 and i can assure you ill have mine out in that!
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    Senior Member evan's Avatar
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    Woodland, California
    November riding is fun! just rode in your fine state twice last weekend.
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    Senior Member keithmaine's Avatar
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    Jun 2013
    Western Maine
    2011-firstgear-thermo-one-piece-suit-black-grey-mcss.jpg I ride year round here in Maine I wear Firstgear Thermal suit very warm with heated grips and Hippo Hands.
    So far I have stayed warm riding in weather down to -17 deg. F. And 28 inches of snow. Of course that is on a two wheel drive Ural. I am still a TW wannabe
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    Quote Originally Posted by keithmaine View Post
    So far I have stayed warm riding in weather down to -17 deg. F. And 28 inches of snow. Of course that is on a two wheel drive Ural. I am still a TW wannabe
    Hey Keith,

    I've considered becoming a Ural wannabe, but have been afraid to take the plunge. How about sharing some pics and your thoughts/experiences with yours?

    (Should probably start a new thread, huh?)


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