TW...yard sales...great combination
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Thread: TW...yard sales...great combination

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    TW...yard sales...great combination

    I am yard sale junkie....there I admitted it. Well last weekend with temps in the mid 70's in North Florida, The wife and myself took off on our TW's yard saleing . In the area we are in 90 percent of the roads are dirt roads, with open pastures and agricultural crops.
    Man did we have a blast. We would follow signs for miles, beautiful scenery with virtually no traffic what so ever.
    We ended up with our the bags on the racks loaded. Total ride was over 90 miles with a mixture of black top and dirt roads...Couldnt think of what a great, just super fun bike these TW's are. I had to pat myself on the back for making the right decision to get TW's.
    I am hoping to this more often and I am thinking if maybe I should think of getting some kind of trailer to carry the loot.

    (searched trailers here for ideas, did not find much, any ideas?)

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    I do the same thing with my TW. Then there's those times when you ride it to an auction an hour from the house and buy so much that you have to call in reinforcements. It seems you can't fit two pickup loads of stuff on the TW

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    I am working on plans for a small TW specific trailer. Here is a rough outline:

    Buy this trailer from HF:

    40-1/2" x 48" Small Utility Trailer - 1090 Lb. Cargo Capacity

    Install Cyclerack

    Weld a corresponding hitch system to meet the tongue height of the HF trailer. This is the tricky part, as I figure it will go to the footpegs, be bolted to the cyclerack, and have another form of support as I do not trust the rear subframe as much.

    Also, gearing would probably need to be changed also. Good thing is, because of the higher ground clearance on the HF trailer, you could take it though some mild off roading. GREAT for camping!

    Can probably keep it at 45 MPH no problem. Would never take it on the highways though! All back roads!!


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    Too bad you're not in my area. I have a frame that work perfect for you at a price you could not refuse.. I've decided to make major changes to my single track trailer connection method. So I have no use for the frame I made. It will be going to the metal recyclers someday.

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