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Thread: Who rode their bike today? Where at? How hot or cold was it??

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    Western Washington
    Took time off from pounding nails in 95 degree heat and rode all around the hills above my cabin in Plain WA. Had to head back to the river around noon, it got too hot.
    The cops we’re watching all the access points to the mountain roads. They had raided a meth house near Leavenworth WA and one of the bad guys got away on a stolen KTM. Chatted with a trouper and he had eluded 3 different patrol cars so they were bringing in a helicopter.
    I never heard how it turned out. They knew who the guy is though.
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    Took a quick spin today, it was only 114 degrees!

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    Lake Havasu City AZ
    Well gang,
    We’re finishing up a FIVE week vacation and, our last stop/camp spot before heading home to Lake Havasu AZ, was/is Williams AZ. Now, I don’t know how many, if any, have been here but, it’s a quaint little town, right off I-40 about 30 miles west of Flagstaff AZ. It sits at about 6,000’ or so, above sea level. It also is part of the infamous “Rt 66”. But, one of the great things about it is, there’s a few zillion miles of wooded trails, forest service roads and more. So, I off-loaded the Blue Noid from the back of the motorhome and took off. I basically had NO idea where I was riding to but, the point is, I was having a ball following anything that even resembled a trail or dirt!

    Everything was going great for about 45 minutes into the ride. Then, since I was about 10-15 miles from camp, and I was at the 75 mile mark on my trip meter which, is the number I use for miles per gallon, I thought I’d better head for the barn. There was a somewhat rocky trail in front of me that was pointing in the the direction of camp. So, off we go. The trail got more and more rocky and, was getting rather steep, NOT GOOD! I muscled and fought it for a good 1/2 mile then, it happened!!! I took my first spill on the TW!!! Now, mind you, the speed at the time was basically 0-1 mph. It was everything I could do to keep that little TW upright. But, the back AND front tire hit big rocks (about the size of basketballs) and that was it. The T-dub said “nope, I ain’t movin’”!! And down I went.

    Well, going down wasn’t the problem. The fact that I had my left foot already down on the ground and wedged beside another large type boulder was the issue! As the bike laid over on its right side, the handlebars dug into more rocks. Something was DRASTICALLY WRONG! I felt INSTANT PAIN on the inside of my left calf. IT WAS BURNING from laying against the header pipe!!!!!! I looked down and could see smoke from my burning skin, on that header pipe.

    Ok, here I am, by myself, out in the middle of who knows where, with a Kentucky Fried leg, on a pure rock trail! Well, I had a sealed bottle of water with me so out it came and I rinsed the wound off a couple times. I didn’t know where I was, knew I was approaching the reserve status for fuel, and didn’t know where the trail lead to or, how much harder it could get. So, I managed to get the Noid turned around and headed back down that rocky trail.. I made it back to the forest road I started on and, bddddddda, the bike quit. I flipped the petcock to Reserve and fired it back up. I managed to make it back to camp and the wife said, “we’re going to Urgent Care!” I didn’t argue.

    I’m on my phone right now or, I’d link picks of my booboo. As bad as it looked, it actually doesn’t feel that bad, a present. The motto of the story,
    1. Always ride with plenty of fuel
    2. Don’t over ride yourself or the bikes capabilities.
    3. Try and have at least ONE form of communication (phone, ham radio etc)
    4. And maybe, file a flight plan, just in case!
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    It is only fair that one share's a scar, or two, with the TW!
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    Prince of Wales Island Alaska
    Rode 35 miles to the west coast of the island saw a few black bears on the way. Caught about half a dozen salmon in a half hour, heck you just cast and reel in for 5 minutes and repeat. Smallest was 6lbs. Arms were to tired after a while. Mid 60s. However it was sunny, and sun day is a fun day when you live in the pac nw.
    pics are on instagram wvoelkerding
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    May 2019
    Ontario, Canada
    Hoping to get out today. The geese have started flying South, already. So, riding season is near the end.
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    Austin Tx
    Went for a nice little ride yesterday eve after work ... and discovered I was riding right into a Texas Storm. Weather has been quite weird the last few weeks of summer. This past Saturday I went on a short ride and saw there was no real chance of rain in my area—and knowing that this being Texas, even if there was rain in the area, it likely would not drop. I was very wrong. Luckily I got to wait it out in a Brewpub It really only rained in the exact area I was in. I got home (less that 10mi away) and we had received zero precipitation, which is a bummer as we really need it.

    Anywho, yesterday I started getting closer to the storm, the wind started picking up, and I started to see the droplets forming. I could see huge sheets of rain in the distance. The rain was in tiny little pockets, and did not cover much area (like the previous weekend). I turned around and started heading another direction, and the light drips followed me for a while. I eventually got out of any rain, and was able to cruise around for a bit.

    I opted out of riding to work this morning mostly because it's pretty dang humid, and sitting in traffic blows. Hope to ride a lot this weekend!
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    Yesterday was another awesome day of local single track riding with Adam-in-Nevada. Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 8.34.20 AM.png

    Upper 80's meant mesh armor and trail riding that eventually led to shade. Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 8.24.40 AM.png

    We paused at this beautiful bouldery overlook for a hydration break. Along come the only other bikes we saw on the trail that day...his & hers KTM530EXC . Nice couple, very experienced riders but first time visitors to the area. Funny thing is that they recognized Betty Boop from Youtube videos.
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    In Yermo it was 104 at 6:45 pm. In the morning at 5:45 it was 76. Love riding in the mornings before evil Otto rises
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    Tacoma, WA
    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Backlund View Post
    In Yermo it was 104 at 6:45 pm. In the morning at 5:45 it was 76. Love riding in the mornings before evil Otto rises
    That place... ugh... my hats off to you sir, are you stationed there? I spent 3 days breaking chains on rail load from sunup to sundown when I was in 1st Cav. Three hardest days of work in my life, and in that heat.

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