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Thread: Who rode their bike today? Where at? How hot or cold was it??

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    Sue and I rode the "Northwest Passage With Outlaws Ride" this last weekend. Didn't know if we could ride the whole trail or not because of the past and present fires. The road was open but has been weathered badly. We had rode maybe 10 miles when we came upon some lion tracks. I rode up the trail a 100 yards to a semi level spot and parked our bikes. I explained to Sue I wanted to examine the animal tracks that we just past. So we walked back and yep them there were lion tracks, with two kittens. We could see where the kittens were walking next to mom and then all of a sudden their prints were intermingled like one kitten jumped on the other and then their tracks went back to normal. How funny! Mom never missed a stride. Took a couple of pictures and resumed our ride. Rode a few more miles and came upon a couple of fire trucks with a dozen firefighters. We stopped and talked. Found out that they had just arrived to this location a few minutes earlier. The side of the mountain was kinda on fire more like it had burned itself out over night and the firemen were doing, who knows. There was still some fire smell. The reason I mention the firemen is that the lion paw prints were in the firemen's truck tire tracks that we followed up the road. You realize where I'm going with this. The lion was no doubt very near when we stopped to look at the prints. I'm so bitter the lion would take one bite of me and spit me out. Sue, however is so sweet the lion would have eaten her gone. Saw some bear tracks in the road later on but, didn't stop! Ha Dirts a Flyen SanDue
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    Great cougar footprint photos Dan. You and Sue very well could have been under observation from that family
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    Went up to where the Paragliders launch...near Bridal veil Falls.

    Ugly piece of "road" up there...then, it just ends...


    Oh look...stairs!


    I follow the path into the hillside meadow...incredible how they would voluntarily throw themselves off this mountain!


    In the distance...I see the rain she forecast last night...I'd better get out of here; I live behind that small knoll at center-left of frame.
    Drove into the rain about ½ way back. Not much of a soaker, but enough to make me wish I had put on my rain gear!
    Total distance = 30 miles.

    To note...the TW was idling pretty low when I reached the launch zone...almost stalling, and we were only at about 750m (~2400 ft) altitude.
    Looks like a re-jet may be in my future.
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    Man, I love British Columbia. Only lived there for 2 years, unfortunately. The first time I flew into Vancouver, I was in awe. Cool people and fond memories.
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    No pics, but we did have three TW's leading a group ride in the Ouachita National Forest during the 2019 Rich Mountain Rendezvous this past weekend.
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    I've got a new routine Saturday mornings after my wife leaves to teach her classes at our local YMCA.

    I grab the TW, go get some coffee and a few breakfast tacos, and then I got to a parking lot nearby and practice u-turns, stopping, cornering, figure 8s, etc. Generally skill practice.

    Then I ride over to the Y and do a workout with the wife. It's been nice.

    This weekend I also rode around quite a bit on Sunday. Went and got some coffee/breakfast, then rode around for a while, then a few beers at a local brewery. It was hot out this weekend, but not too terrible. I wanted to go trail riding Sunday morning with some local guys, but I had to be home by a certain time to get some things done, so it didn't work out. Still glad I got some miles down.
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