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Thread: Riding In Florida Now

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    Riding In Florida Now

    i dont know if florida doesnt want to participate in winter, but it unusually warm for this time of year (i notice that colorado and other midwest and western state are in the 30s into the teens) while florida is in the high 80s and even 90s when i get home from school at 2:30. The air cooled tw200 obviously doesnt like this, and after 10-15 minutes of cruising on trails at 15mph in low rev second gear, the tw is overheating and i have to sit for about 20min and let it cool off. is there anything i can do or add to the bike to make it less prone to overheating?
    P.S. My dad has already re-jetted the carburetor, if that helps.

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    Maybe full synthetic oil will run it a little cooler..

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    Look for the LizrdCooler in the classifieds section, sounds like what you need.
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    What symptoms does your bike exhibit to make you think it is overheating?

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    Those symptons don't make sense....just saying

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    Sorry everyone but i didnt mean that it was fully overheating, i wont let it do that, but starts to smell hot. Probably just cause it's new.
    Thanks for the comments.

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    True, temps are in the 80's, here in Fla, but I have been riding my TW200 all summer in the 90's without any problems. Yes, the engine feels hot, but that is normal.

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    My TW is old enough (and so am I) that I don't remember what the engine smelled like when it was new. However, my base gasket leaks a smidge and I can smell the oil burn, which is very minimal.

    Since your pops re-jetted it, if the TW is really overheating, it could be running lean, but I suspect your pops knows what he's doing. A quick look at the sparkplug could be in order. If it's really running lean/hot, in general the spark plug tip will be a white ish shade. Tan would be about normal. And these colors are approximates, so be careful. Also, when mine is running hot in the summer, I hear a slight pre-ignition ping.

    If you have access to one of those hand held infrared temperature readers, you could take it with you and take some engine temperature readings. Infrared thermometer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I used one of these on my TW this summer, and took temp readings all over the engine and case. I posted the results on the forum somewhere, but can't find them right off, but if memory serves me, my readings were in the 210-250 ish range if any of this info helps.

    Edit: Found my infrared temperature info.

    Here were my handheld infrared temps after I rode it around 20 minutes or so. Outside temp was 90 F. I was stopped and engine was running when I took the temps.

    Oil Drain Plug 206
    LS Case 223
    LS Head 243
    Ex Valve Cover 269

    Oil Filter Cover 215
    RS Case 200
    RS Head* 296 (Taken at the spark plug base)
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    Thanks for the info admiral, and all the other input. I've learned that the misc. forums have a wealth of knowledge with most willing to help out any way they can, and this one is no exception. I think this all stemmed from my telling him that air cooled bikes tend to overheat if they don't get enough air flow across the cylinders, so trudging through trails at low ground/high engine speed could cause the engine to run hot. (I know my Harley doesn't like sitting in traffic for any length of time without moving along, but then again, it's a much larger displacement engine.) I just want him to be aware of it in case he didn't get a chance to develop a little speed to cool the engine. I did fatten up the mixture quite a bit so I know that helps a lot. I think it's fine as it's a small displacement with plenty of cooling fin area for the heat it's producing. I'm going to check the temps (I do have an infrared thermometer) next time we get out on the trails, but I don't expect anything out of the ordinary.
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    With a single cylinder I would not worry about slow speeds at 80 degrees. Now, dessert rock crawling would concern me enough to install an oil cooler. Maybe even add a small fan or two on it with a temperature switch.
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