Thrifty Business - post the best deals you've gotten on TW-related items here.
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Thread: Thrifty Business - post the best deals you've gotten on TW-related items here.

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    Thrifty Business - post the best deals you've gotten on TW-related items here.

    This seems like a forum with a high percentage of thrifty members. I've read about members getting cheap, or even "free", TW200s. I've seen a lot of posts about finding cheap items and re-purposing them for use on these bikes. Here is a thread for you to show off the best deals you've come across.

    I don't even have a motorcycle yet, but while wandering through the local Pawn Shops, mostly out of curiosity, I found this never-been-worn $270 iCON Contra Mil-Spec jacket, in my size, for $70

    It still has the plastic film over the shoulder badges, tags on it, and silica packets in the pockets

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    I got this Spitfire windshield for FREE from one of my son's. Easy to take on and off. I use it mainly in cool weather, but also put it on when I'm gonna do some "road duty" in the summer. Keeps the bugs outta my teethers

    As seen in the photo below, I also made an extension which I use in summer also. I used an old helmet faceshield, trimmed it to match the lines of the Spitfire and drilled 2 holes on to mount it on the Spitfire. As I sit taller in the saddle, this extension take most of the buffeting off my helmet.

    This would be the "thrifty me"!
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