I need y'alls experiance
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Thread: I need y'alls experiance

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    I need y'alls experiance

    I'm about 4ish days away from putting money down on a bike and the TW200 is what I keep leaning towards (2013 with 4 miles on it), I want to get some input from those who have owned and ridden this bike. (This is my first time ever posting on the forum so sorry in advance if this is in the wrong place :/ )

    I never plan/expect to race anyone/anything but for someone who is only 150lbs 6 foot, what can I expect this thing cruise at? I know changing the sprockets can increase the speed, but how hard is it to change them? Is it something I can do in my garage with a few wrenches or do I need to have professional do it?

    I tend to treat my vehicles like I treat my firearms (I'm a firearms instructor by trade). That is to say I need something that (at times) I can abuse the crap out of, and it still works when I critically need it (like my much loved AK rifle). So in your experience how is the ease of maintenance? (are there any "small/hard to get to parts" that wear out easily?)

    How reliable is the bike been for you? I.E. if you were out in the woods, 15 miles from the nearest cellphone signal, would you trust it to get you home safely?

    How do they hold up in the long term? If I take care of it (preventative maintenance, not pushing/abusing it too much) how many miles could the bike rack up before being useless?
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    well here is my 2c worth, I have owned a lot of bikes in my life, the tw is one of the best I have ever owned. Granted I have only had it a month or so but I love this bike. It is very easy to work on and there is a lot of parts and information on them. Keep in mind they are not fast or powerful but they will get you there and back. mine will run 55-60 no problem with me I am 5-11 170. I would not change the sprockets just ride it first and see how it works for you, are you going to trail ride? or lots of pavement? once you get a feel for it then decide. There is a lot if info on this forum that will help with any questions. I would not hesitate to ride my 87 tw anywhere. Just like any bike they all have there quirks.
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    I've put over 15,000 miles on TDubs in the last 3 years or so. They are tough, dependable, and easy to maintain. I can ride at 55mph with no problem with stock gearing. I ride solo to lots of desolate places where there is no phone signal and never give it a thought. The TW will get you there and back
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    I'd like to welcome you to the forum first off. Secondly, I'd like to say, the tw is a blank slate. It's the 'hooker' of the two-wheeled world. With enough $ and wrench time, it can be anything you want it to be.
    stock, it will do just about anything. But it will need you to realize its a small bike, and it has limitations.
    if you can read, turn a screwdriver, and ask a question when your stumped, you will find that the tw is very easy to maintain and improve upon to meet your riding requirements.
    biggest advice I can give you is to read all you can on this forum. Before shooting out a question, with research on your part, I'm sure its already been asked and answered.

    as far as the 'do we like and would we recommend the tw?'


    happy reading and again, welcome. TIM
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    A stock TW will do 60-65. Changing the rear sprocket is easy enough but won't get you much more top speed and at the cost of low end grunt.

    Ride the bike stock for the brake in period, I assume you will have a warranty and some changes could affect it. You will get a feel for what upgrades and changes might fit your riding styles. There are all sorts of add on, bolt on accessories and some internal upgrades one can make to fit most conditions and needs. Just keep in mind, if you make it better for trail riding then you probably took away from its road ability and vice verse. The TW has been around since 1987 so it is pretty well designed for its intended purpose right off the showroom floor. It is OK on the road and excels on the trails and has a reliability record few bikes can match.

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    Hello and welcome! You ask about cruising speed and hint about woods riding in your question. What will be your intended use for whatever bike you buy? Is this your first motorcycle?

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    The tw is kinda like an AK47. Its very simple, super easy to work on, reliable, "kiss", its does everthing decent and is a very good trail bike. This bike is definitely a keep it simple stupid bike. No fancy stuff to go wrong with it. Out of all of the motorcycles and atv's ive ever had this thing is the easiest to work on. Maybe easier than my lawnmower. Ive had this bike 50+ miled from any kind of civilization a few times in Utah\Colorado. I trust it more for that than any other bike ive had. Its the Ultimate SHTF bike in my opinion. All I can say is have fun. You might like a 47t rear sprocket and a few other goodies. Warning its and addiction
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    Welcome to the club! You'll need a 12-step program to stop riding it. The TW is the Toyota Land Cruiser of motorcycles...easy to work on, simple, reliable, bulletproof, unique, underpowered, slow, legendary.

    Don't plan on running much over 60mph for extended periods of time. If you do, check oil level at every fuel stop. The "PVC" system is a simple hose and you'll burn oil through the air box. Put an extended pilot screw on it so you can tune the idle circuit as temps change through the seasons.

    I'm 6'5"ish and 250ish. Fits me like a glove. I'll be riding the (Trans Wisconsin AdVenture Trail in the spring for three days. Can't wait. Good luck with your decision! It's a great machine.
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    Should you get a TW, do what 66roadkill66 said, ride it for a while before deciding on making any sprocket changes. But if you do: rear sprocket is the easiest to change. Remove the rear tire, change the sprocket, put the tire back on. Front sprocket is a little more involved, but still easy compared to mechanical things. Front sprocket change requires the removal of the left side cover, which exposes the front sprocket and stator assembly.

    Someone already said it here, search and read forum topics and lots of your concerns will most likely be answered. ...and some you wouldn't have even thought about
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    Creede55 - You sound like the "typical" TW owner - "older", reserved, and practical. Check out and take part in the forum survey: https://truelightphoto.wufoo.com/rep...0-demographic/

    Over 2/3rds of us on this forum are over 41 or older. Almost 20% are in my group: "Over 60 and still T' Duddin'". These bikes are like wide snow skis. They are both keeping me going in style longer than I thought I could.

    The TW attracts OTHER bikers and the wide skis make the kids ask me, "How old are you, anyhow?" "Live long enough to amaze the kids", that's my motto.
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