Tire Pressure Question??
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    Tire Pressure Question??

    I live next to a million acres of Arizona riding area. I have to ride city streets for about 4 mies to get off road.

    The desert here has rocks the size of baseballs and if I ride with factory air pressure it about throws me off the bike.

    What pressure can I go to and still ride OK at 45mph on the streets

    Thanks everyone


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    The best way to go about this would be to carry a small tire pump and a tire gauge. Lower your pressure to about 12-15 psi when you reach your destination....ride......then, before leaving on the pavement ,inflate to regular tire pressure.....20 psi front & 25 psi rear,approx.. I'm sure you "could" ride on the pavement @ 45 mph with 15 psi,but............ .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystic Explorer View Post
    What pressure can I go to and still ride OK at 45mph on the streets.....
    I ride 5 miles at 60mph all the time with 12 front and 14 rear before getting to the dirt and I've never had a problem. It is pretty much straight though, if I had a twisty road I'd want maybe 16/16.
    If I am going further than 4-5 miles on slab I would go up to at least 18/18, but that is very rare for me....I would usually trailer the bike in that case. This is with stock rear and Kenda 270 front.

    I do notice a little more squirrellyness, but it's not a big deal on a straight road. Tire wear pattern seems to be perfectly normal at 6500 miles....these carcasses are pretty stiff. The only time I've ever used 22//25 is when two up on the pavement....the tires are like rocks at that pressure.
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