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    New Member KS4TI

    Hi All,
    I'm 52, haven't ridden since high school and Santa brought me a 2013 TW200 a few weeks ago. I'm very safety minded and plan on taking it slow as I become a more experience rider I'm looking forward to digesting all the good info on this forum. The bike will be 50/50 on/off road with the off road on a family farm in NC where I also target shoot. I'm an avid target shooter with rifles and handguns, I reload all my own ammo, Advanced Class Ham Radio operator, homebrewer of beer and wine and a mid level prepper. I do an on the air Emergency Preparedness Net meeting on the 147.27 ham radio repeater near Raleigh on Tuesday nights at 9pm. During the day I'm part owner/VP/Technician of Guardian Financial Systems, an independent banking equipment company for ATMs, Alarm, Camera and Vault systems for the financial industry in the Carolinas and Virginia. This really sounds like a friendly forum, I'll try not to ask any blatantly stupid questions. Thanks in advance for any help I may be asking for.
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    Lucky dog you wish santa would bring me a new tdub, stupid questions are ok, welcome to the forum. I am a target shooter also ,motorcycls and guns my to favorite things.
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    Welcome to the forum Doug!

    Please post some pictures when you get a chance and let us know what mods you have planned. We've all been where you are with your TW and have already made all the mistakes. We are happy to help you avoid making the same mistakes we did, so just ask your questions and someone will step up to help you.


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    Hi and welcome Doug.....from another mid level prepper.

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    Alright mate, welcome

    Pics pics pics pics pics pics pics we love pics
    View my build/off road riding here with lots of pics and vids Hidden Content

    Uk TW/ Suzuki LTZ250 off road rider only

    Flat out or back out.

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    Hello and welcome!

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    Nice congrats!! Santa for me a 2014 tdubya via a trade in for my ex ninja 300abs.. will be picking it up in Spring when its a little warmer..

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    Welcome Doug and thanks for filling in your profile and the detailed intro. You would get along famously with a buddy I have in Louisanna who is big in the Ham community. They run around shooting antennas over trees for their portables and lose me when ever they talk tech stuff.

    I think you have the perfect Bug Out bike and should have a blast here getting it all decked out with racks and side bags/boxes to carry all your gear and batteries. I am with you on the target shooting and was a WTO for my department. You will find a lot of us here who are in the "over the hill gang". I will hit 62 in a few months and I'm young! You landed in the right place so sit back, read, learn and then start adding to our discussions where you think you can help with all the stuff we get involved in.

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    No such thing as blatantly stupid questions. Welcome!
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    I couldn't say it better Rhodetrip. Welcome and let the questions come.
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