Thoughtful decisions, Why ride a TW?
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Thread: Thoughtful decisions, Why ride a TW?

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    Thoughtful decisions, Why ride a TW?

    I like reading this forum and the various topics that get raised.
    Yesterday a member of the forum raised the question of how to make his TW go faster.
    I chimed in with a comment asking simply :"Why?"
    I was not being sarcastic with that question but I am a bit amazed that anyone choosing to own a 200 cc machine would be very interested in more power and potentially more speed.

    I just re-read the posting and started wondering how many of us are still interested in speed? I have ridden at speeds of three digits a couple of times in my 54 years of riding but mostly those times were a lot of years ago. Today I am totally satisfied with just riding - speed , with tears forming in my eyes and cheeks pulling back in the air blast are conditions I no longer relish and no longer attain.

    Engine tuning yes because the quiet puttering of the TW engine is a delight. Comfort in riding yes because that makes the ride more pleasant. Better tires, yes; better lighting, yes; hand guards, yes; but speed? What for.

    If I want to go fast and frightening - I will not start with a TW.
    If I want to go slow and enjoyable - give me a TW anytime.

    How say you - are you into fast riding or gentle riding?

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    Many of us have other, faster steeds, but it seems that day in and day out we prefer the quiet moseying around on our Dubs. Sure is a good fit for me..

    Happy New Year everyone.

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    Believe me, to get 250000 miles on two wheels, a lot of it was at "SPEED". Fortunately I no longer need tears in my eyes, my clothes being pulled at, and the burn of the wind. It just enforces why I really enjoy my TW's, with their forgiveness of lack of attention while I am looking around and enjoying the scenery, or not paying attention to the road surface. I do still have my GL1500 but it gets used less and less all the time.
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    As with all of these "More Speed" questions from a TW, I have to wonder just how expensive each extra mile per hour you can get actually costs? I do love reading all the build up threads where they redesign the engine jug and cut the case to stuff a bigger piston in and then they find new carbs to retrofit but at what cost per mile per hour gained? I sure do understand guys who love wrenching and making their bikes better than before and love those who have the skills and machinery to do amazing upgrades but they are few and far between.

    In my woodworking business I have had many customers want me to make cheap pine look like expensive oak and as hard as I might try it is always cheaper to just buy the oak to begin with.

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    When I must get from point A to B in minimal time, I ride my cruiser. I started riding in 2012. The speed limit works for me. I am almost 17 years past Jack Benny's age, and riding safe to ride again is how I travel.

    When I am out for a Ride, the T-Dub is my steed. No hurry, no worry, I am out having fun. Dirt, gravel, pavement, I enjoy it all. On either bike, the road less traveled is my favorite route.

    I want the smooth running engine, the most power possible too - but for fuel economy, not speed. The better tuned, the more HP, the better fuel economy -- with sensible throttle use. I mostly look for tuning ideas that deal with the stock TW. I want to take advantage of MrBracket's carb research, but the rest of my farkles will be for my tastes and comfort.

    When I feel the need for speed, I'll tke the cruiser.
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    I enjoy the spirit of someone who, instead of asking "why?" Asks "why not?" An awful lot of useful things get invented that way!! It's a very American concept!! I like the diversity of creative thought... And TW is a great platform for such a thinker/tinker. My goals and everyone else's goals don't have to coincide down to the minute... We're all finding ways to make the bike work for us... And using a pool of corporate knowledge is a smart way to get a whack at it.
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    I think Speed is more of an issue for those of us who ride in metropolitan areas.
    When off road, I realize I'm never really wanting for more.
    When I'm merging onto a highway, or have a crazy cabbie behind me, I need more.....

    When I got my TW it was stock and not very fast.
    I modified with a 42t sprocket, open k&n, 132.5 jet and an Fmf Pipe. Its still not fast, but it does cruise at speed better.

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    Not really into going particularly fast, I like 2 wheelers more for the fun of it & the feeling of freedom, it's nice to ride with the visor up & feel the wind in your face. I like the convenience of finding a parking space easier, & being able to get through traffic snarl ups (without taking too many risks)
    I guess being on the bike reminds me too of my horse riding days (but considerably less maintenance involved)
    Many a time i've taken TW rather than my truck even if it's cold or raining, & on the occasions where i've thought 'I can't be bothered getting wet through today' & took 4 wheels & then the weather clears up for the journey home i've felt really mad with myself
    So for me it's not about getting there fast, i'd rather get there safe & just enjoy the ride with a big smile on my face
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    I like the thought of doing more with less, I had been searching for a fun bike for a long time and in the process went through a lot of bikes, from a v65 mangna to a v45 saber,750 phaser,cx 500,kz 400 at this time I was not getting out of them what I wanted (fun) so I started buying duel sports along with them, xt 250,xl 185,klr 250,xt 600, cl350 scrambler, I still was not satisfied.There is a lot more bikes in there but to many to list them all. So what I ended up with recently was my current stable..I got the xl 500 and the tl's before I found the tw. I was never happy with any of them for long. Then came the little tw and everything changed I found my bike soul mate. I have put 500 miles on this in the last month alone, more miles than any other of my bikes in that short of time. I have customized the tw to my liking and have been having a blast on this bike. I finally found the bike that gives me the fun I was looking for and now in the process of selling off all of my other bikes.(to buy 2 more tw's) well that's my story and so far, I have no thoughts of ever getting rid of my little tw. 20131230_162610.jpg
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    To me the TW is a 2 wheeled atv that goes about anywhere with very little effort. I very rarely ride the sv anymore. Its hard for me to ride it slow. It feels like 85mph is about perfect for cruising and that will get me in trouble. I grew up riding motorcross bikes and fast atv's. When I ride the TW I look around and soak up the scenery. I took the sv many times down to the deals gap "dragons tail" area and there are very few things I rememver seeing besides corners at high speeds and guys wrecking. Dont get me wrong it was a blast but now I enjoy the slower bike. It really upsets big bikes when you keep up with them on the tdub. So do I still have the urge to go fast now and then sure but not like I used to. If I could only have one motorized toy it would be the TW.

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