New Old Stock pricing question
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Thread: New Old Stock pricing question

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    New Old Stock pricing question

    How much would you say a new old stock bike should depreciate? I am asking about last year's unsold bike, or two or three years old bike, absolutely new, at a dealer, just unsold.

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    Good question, bet dealer only willing to consider a couple hundred bucks per year older than current year but might entertain a significantly lower bid by you. Dealer deserves a profit and you deserve a fair market price. Maybe someone else can advise reasonable compromise.

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    Hey Boss! I love bike shopping almost as much as riding :-)

    To make it a good deal, the price would have to be very close to current market values for a used low-mileage bike. Take that value and add a couple hundred for warranty coverage to reach a reasonable total. Then take a firm stand against dock fees and all that garbage. I too believe the dealer should make a profit, but wise buyers know where the fluff is.

    If you can't come to terms hit the used market!

    I had good luck twice with NOS, the first being in a crate, dry stored for two years, but the second one was kinda sketchy as the bike was sitting on three year old battery, fluids, and tyres. Dealer made compromise and replaced battery and tyres on warranty (SWEET!!!) and I rode the fluids to first required change not thinking too much about it. This dealer was a fellow who'd sponsored some of my younger brother's SEMA season and we sent/send him lots of referred business so I felt like we had a very good relationship. I got a new bike for a great price with full factory warranty and he got the old stock off his floor plan (win-win IMO).

    So, buyer beware and check that rubber for breakdown/rot and quiz them about the battery's condition. Of course, if the deal is really good it isn't a big deal. Good luck!
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    The warranty stuff may be iffy as the dealer is no onger a Yamaha dealer. I am sure they are capable of servicing it. Good call on the battery.

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    Hmmmm, Yamaha should honor warranty nationwide IF it is really NOS and never titled. I'd check real close.

    Here in the last decade I have become a used bike nut. There are three plated dual sports at my place and their combined cost is about equal to a new WR250R. Their value is priceless! Each one was bought from reasonably caring previous owner and each bike had nice accessories of some description that were essentially "free". Don't overlook used if this deal doesn't happen and don't be afraid to ship. U-Ship is the cat's meow.

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    I see "new" 2012's and sometimes a 2011 at dealers as I travel around. The best price I've seen is $3,999.00 on these. However, I see 2011's with less than 500 miles for $2,999.00 ALL the time with private sellers. If I was buying, I would find a cream-puff 2011 and work my magic with the seller.
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    Keep in mind, I have heard first hand, the dealer cost on a 2013 was around $3800, some may be willing to take a loss but I'm sure not many.

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    This exact question does not have an exact answer! I was a GM at a big Honda/Kawasaki and KTM dealership. All machines are called units. They come off the trucks and on to our property on a floor plan. The dealer pays just like a loan on each unit until it is sold. The longer the dealer pays on the unit floor plan the less money he makes when he sells it. Saying dealer cost on a 2013 TW is $3800 is completely wrong! There are many other programs and dealer kick back the general public will never know so you just can't make a blanket statement. Yamaha corporate wants to get those bikes (Units) sold just as bad as the dealer and there are lots of concessions made on left over units.

    If your dealer has 2013 or 2012 left over TWs then he is being stubborn or he is in a market where those types of units just don't sell and should not have been ordered in the first place. He will change his inventory order the next year or die a slow and painful death.

    The art of haggling is the key here and cash talks louder than any other form of payments except for dealer financing. $3500 in cash today is far better than waiting another three or four months for $3700.

    Keep in mind there is not a lot of profit to be made on any new units right from jump street. The dealer makes his real profits by selling financing, accessories, extended service contracts and parts & maintenance. When you get a good deal and get good service after the deal he hopes and relies on you telling all your pals to go see him.

    In our shop we had units we could not give away and we also had wholesalers who would come in and buy them by the trailer load. Sure we lost money on them but corporate was pretty decent about kicking back in the end so it was not total devastation. Corporate always knew that some particular unit got a bad rap for some reason and that would kill sales of those units. A real bad write up in an ATV or MC magazine was something we never wanted to see. I don't honestly know when the 1987 TW model started showing the ugly electrical issues inherent in that first year model but I do know I would not buy an '87 for any reason other than for some parts.

    In my opinion, there is no difference between a 1991 perfect running and almost show room condition TW with 300 miles and the same exact condition and miles of a 1995 or 1997. They are essentially the same exact bike in the same exact condition with the same miles and the only difference is the model year which is almost meaningless after they are ten years old.

    Go see the sales manager with a bunch of green Franklins in your pocket and a set price you are willing to fork over.

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