I'm getting the message from Chrome "cycleracks security certificate has expired"...
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Thread: I'm getting the message from Chrome "cycleracks security certificate has expired"...

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    I'm getting the message from Chrome "cycleracks security certificate has expired"...

    I hesitate to go to any web sites when I get that security message. Anyone know what's going on with that? Or is it just my computer?


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    Got the same messege using Internet Explorer. Computer guru gonna have to tell me if this is a serious issue or not. Me not go to site after seeing this message.
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    I get the message on Firefox also. Their certificate expired on 12/28/13.

    I see placerlode is selling cycleracks on ebay. Maybe he can contact the company and tell them they need to update their security certificate because potential customers are reluctant to visit their site when they get that message. Or if someone has their email address they could do it also.

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    I get the same message with Internet Explorer.

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    Finally, something I know about to repay you for the T-Dub advice!

    Web servers use security certificates so nefarious servers cannot spoof you in to thinking you are on the web site you want.

    Certificates expire.

    The server administrators at Cycleracks need to obtain a new certificate.

    If you are not making a purchase, it is okay to continue to the web site. And likely, even if you did this and made a purchase, nothing bad will happen. But let's be safe. It is the Internet. Hopefully they fix it soon.
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    Tis the season! I just got one from PayPal telling me to click the link and update my account info or my account will be closed. Rather interesting since I don't have a PP account.

    Watch your steps fellows because all these scammers are running after Christmas sales right now.

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    Dubza is exactly right. I run a website, there's a lot to keep up with. They are probaby busy making racks and missed the email to pay up from the certificate provider. No big deal, except they are gonna lose sales. We all know and trust them anyway, so just give them a call instead

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    Not sure if any of you left a message yet. But I called a left a message for him just now. Hopefully the page will be fixed soon.
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    I was at the site today. I guess they got the word. Thanks all for the responses.


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