Ladies, can you help me with cold weather gear?
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Thread: Ladies, can you help me with cold weather gear?

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    Question Ladies, can you help me with cold weather gear?

    I just finished my afternoon ride and I am c-c-c-c-cold!! Newbie me needs to find some cold weather britches for temps in the 30's. I have boots, heavy wool socks, wind proof/lined jacket, gloves, balaclava, a winter Buff, a helmet and winter goggle style sunglasses for cold weather gear. I am trying to locate pants that would be windproof and (hopefully) fleece lined. Right now I am wearing a pant from Duluth Trading Company that is windproof, abrasion resistant and fleece lined and I pair it with merino wool long johns. Unfortunately I am still feeling the chill in my legs when the temps are below 40's.

    So can you help me shop for something WARM? Thanks in advance.

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    Not much will help in those temps other than more insulation. I'll ride down to 40 or so with 100% windproof Olympia pants along with a light set of wool long john bottoms. Of course, I have a heated jacket liner and boot insoles along with heated grips, these REALLY help.

    Note: not a Lady but I figured I'd throw my $.02 in...

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    Just a thought. When it's really cold out I wear my long john's and cheap pair of Coleman rain pants under a pair of jeans. Works well.
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    I wear Under Armor under my jeans and I have not been cold. I also wear it up top with a few layers and my rain liner in. My fingers are the only thing that get cold.

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    Look at Motoport / Cycleport ( they are located in California the owner's name is Wayne, I'm not affiliated )....a bit expensive,perhap's,but REALLY good gear.You can choose from 1000 Denier cordura or Kevlar material. Not one of the gal's,but,a TW'er you are!.

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    Only once I had to wear pant that went over my jean for cold weather and it was on our honeymoon in May a couple of years ago. Most of the time I wear the generic brand of Under Armour that I bought at Target. The brand I like the best is Tour Master (because all of their gears come layered) which can be pricey but I always wait for sales at the motorsport store or have gotten them on Craiglist. Definitely keep an eye on Craiglist since a lot guys get gears for their girlfriend or wife but they end up selling them because they don't like riding motorcycle.
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    Walmart hunting department has 100% polypropylene long underwear for ladies (it's pink) that comes in a variety of fabric weights for different conditions. Under $15 each. Works well and a great value. My wife was always cold and these let her ride year-around.

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    I'm not a lady. But I'll throw in $0.02. Ski or snow mobile pants. The ones with suspenders sewn in and zippers that go full length on the outsides of the legs. I wear them in snow at -20*F walking or down to 0*F riding. If it is warm enough for rain I wear a pair of red Columbia titanium pants, omni-tech waterproof breathable. You know, the silver dots. Big part of cold riding is just getting used to the wind chills induced by the bikes speed. If I have to ride long distance in the cold, I wear layers under the pants, and put my rain gear on over top. Hardest part should be keeping your hands warm. I wear columbia gloves with the silver dots and liners. I wear a silk balaclava inside my helmet, full face modular in winter. While I'm here, I wear an AlpineStars Drystar jacket with the liner. Remember to get the clothing large enough so you can wear layers underneath. AlpineStars makes some nice top and bottom sets that zip together for women. Let me see if there is a link............Home Alpinestars Look all around their site and don't think that you have to limit yourself to the stella gear. Get what works for you. It's not the cheapest gear, It's good gear with good protection, CE armor.
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    I have Gerbings jacket liner and gloves that I wear while riding my Triumph. I just got my TW this past weekend and am not sure if I can use my Gerbings or not. I layer, I wear the Women's LD Comfort Tank Top under a long sleeved shirt under the Gerbings liner which is under my Tourmaster Trinity waterproof jacket. For my legs, I don't have heated gear but my best layering is when I wear my long johns under my Draggin Jeans (Kevlar lined) under my Tourmaster Venture waterproof pants. For my feet I usually wear a pair of Merino wool socks under waterproof riding boots. I think the key to cutting down on the bite of the cold is wearing waterproof gear. I have been riding to work this week and the temps. are in the mid to high 40's so I haven't been wearing the long johns or the Draggin Jeans and since I am still in the honeymoon phase with my little TW I have been foregoing riding my Triumph and going without the heated gear. I do prefer the heated gear when the temps are in the 40's though. I have also found that my Olympia mesh jacket is very warm when I put the rain liner in and since it's a high vis jacket I have been wearing it more than I thought I would since my ride to work is in the dark. I got that jacket to wear in hot weather but have found it very versatile. I had a Kilimanjaro high vis jacket but I sold it because it was too long and bulky for me but it was a very nice, warm jacket. Good luck staying warm, I think my comfort also has a lot to do with how long my ride is going to be. My commute to work is 13 miles so I am just starting to get really cold some mornings just before I get to work. If I had a longer commute I may not be able to endure the temperature. I also found I could save money at events, the vendors usually bring things they want to clear out and sometimes really slash the price. I got the Kilimanjaro jacket for half of what it retails in the stores because it was a new two year old jacket that hadn't sold...and they didn't charge me sales tax at the event. There was one little hiccup with that purchase though, they forgot to remove the security tag and the dealership was an hour and a half away from where I live so I thought I could have any store remove it....I was wrong....
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    I bet that was noisy. =]
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