If not a TW, what would it be?
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Thread: If not a TW, what would it be?

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    Cool If not a TW, what would it be?

    So, I stopped in at my local Yamaha / Kawi dealer yesterday to pick up a new front tube and got to thinking...if not a TW, what would I ride? I sat on the Super Tenere', which is very cool, but it felt big and ungainly. Wouldn't want to take it on any trails, that's for sure. Sat on the KLR and that didn't do it for me either. It felt top heavy and the knee cutouts in the tank didn't align with my body type. These bikes ain't got nothin' on TW!

    So, that said, if we no longer had our beloved Trailways, what would we choose to ride and why? Let the discussion begin!
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    Good thread, looking forward to what folks have to say.
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    20131230_162610.jpgHmmmm...I can't think of anything, I would probably go back to buying and trading bikes like underwear and never really happy with any of them. So I am thankful for finding the tw. It just fits me and my life style I still have a lot of bikes but now I don't know what I am going to do..Keep the tl's and the cl and sell the xl and the cushman..but I know one thing for shur I am going to get 1 or more t-dubs! just thought I would throw in a pic.
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    Most other bikes have their equals (more or less) that the competition offers (ex: Yamaha XT250 / Honda CRF250L / Kawasaki KLX250S) Whereas the TW is in a class of its own for a number of reasons.

    With that said, I would likely choose a Yamaha XT250 because of its Yamaha name and I really prefer the smaller displacement lighter bikes. The weight is what in part drew me to the TW. Like a lot of you I have had my share of big displacement heavy bikes. Although they were well mannered for their size/weight, as I get older I find it is more fun to flick this 285 pounder around than deal with heavier bigger bikes especially when moving slowly or on gravel and stopping and starting.

    Just my $.02

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    Quote Originally Posted by littletommy View Post
    Good thread, looking forward to what folks have to say.
    +1! I honestly have no idea what I could replace my TW with. I've been so intrigued with the TW for a while now and haven't even looked in any other direction.

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    I've had my TW for 8 years now. It is the only bike I have ever had. I have ridden a few others but none have been as good a fit as the TW. I really like the look of the old JSM or British bikes of the same time frame. I am seriously drawn to the Triumph Bonneville. I have a feeling that it will be my TW's sister. This is not based on anything other than what I think is cool for me. To go with something else that could travel on dirt roads, than maybe the Triumph Scrambler. It is a totaly different beast and could not go where the TW can, but it is basically a dirt going Bonnie.
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    My 'thing' is exploring, and being able to go pretty much anywhere off road is highest priority. The TW's huge tires put it in a class by itself. Those big tires permit us to balance easily at ultra low crawler speeds. If you're picking and choosing your way through boulders, or trying to crawl through deep sand without digging in, the tires and low speeds are pretty important. The only other bike I'm curious about is the Suzuki DRZ400, but I haven't ridden one. It's a dual sport with much more sophisticated suspension. I think the weight is under 300 lbs. The power is about right; they would be somewhat more oriented to longer distance trips with more time spent at highway speed. Although no slouch off road, they are typical dirt bikes and I'd loose the huge tires' traction & flotation, probably have a higher seat, and find myself going faster off road just to plane over difficult spots. I also like being able to carry 50-60 lbs of gear, like the simplicity and general ease of repair.

    The built out 230 engine and wide range 6 speed have solved the TW's problems for my purposes. I'm able to roll along Baja Mexico's hilly Highway 1 at 55 to 60 mph easily, plenty of power, quite comfortable. As far as I'm concerned the TW is ideal for what I'm doing.
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    Originally I was looking for a Kawa Super Sherpa, but couldn't find one at a reasonable price...settled on the TW, and glad I did.

    If there was no TW, The SS would be on my list again, as well as the ones Xmas Chris mentioned:

    "Yamaha XT250 / Honda CRF250L / Kawasaki KLX250S"

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    After 20 Years Out of the Saddle .... I have looked around, my original choice was the Kaw klx 250s{as some on here have mentioned}...glad I didn't pull the trigger ...when I "discovered" the tw on ADVrider, I knew the low seat{I'm 5' 11" more or less, but have a short inseam at 29"} was a plus...the wide Jeep style tires and low out the door price on a new one, was the clincher. If not for finding the tw I would be riding the klx 250, but likely still looking for the perfect bike for my soon-to-be 65 year old butt....

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    If they quit making these wonderful little bikes, it would be like wanting a car like the one your dad had or your first mustang, wish I had kept mine lol. We would have to go back into the yesteryears and find one and restore it. Luckily with the TW, they haven't changed for years so if they ever become obsolete, there will be plenty of parts and barn finds. Let us hope that doesn't happen. Only thing that I think that would make a TW200 obsolete is if the came out with a TW250 in the same frame and tires.

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