Tool tube silencer
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Thread: Tool tube silencer

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    Tool tube silencer

    Now that I have installed my slick ProCycle tool tube, I have to stuff it full of good stuff. One of the advantages of the ProCycle tube is that it opens from either end so things are less abt to get stuck inside. I don't want a lot of tools rattling around in there so I have thought of a small tool roll or maybe a thick sock to stuff my tools into. Comments and suggestions welcome.

    Has anyone with one of these tubes ever lost the endcap? Need I leash it?

    thanks, Will
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    i use old socks...they double as rags and make things easy to pull out of the tube without trapping anything at the bottom

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    A while back, someone "lost a coffee cup", and a 14 mile round to recover it. Okay, it was the tool tube cover. Not mine...
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    Wouldn't hurt to put a leash on them,better safe than sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubzha View Post
    A while back, someone "lost a coffee cup", and a 14 mile round to recover it. Okay, it was the tool tube cover. Not mine...
    That was Joe Band on the first Sheetiron ride.

    See post # 96.

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    I use a socks for things in the tubes too. Also, I use a piece of velcro glued to the cap and the tube, across from each other when the cap is tight. Then I use another strip of velcro as a "lock". The caps never loosen.

    The velcro is on the bottom of the tube when mounted so it doesn't show.

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    Harbor freight has rolls of that double sided velcro cheap.
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