Flying Nun... TW 20 Foot In The Air
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Thread: Flying Nun... TW 20 Foot In The Air

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    Flying Nun... TW 20 Foot In The Air

    For those of you who have not seen how a TW can fly 20 feet in the air and land in rocks and continue down the road with its rider after we pulled her out of the rocks mostly unhurt (Purple) back on the trail alive........don't know how she survived. That is the hill where a 4X4 truck turned around because they could not climb it and Purple launched!

    Her bike landed in this rocks, not the best pic for how bad it was.

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    Tough machines, and a tough lady! Be careful out there!

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    I was There!
    Was pretty darn Amazing!!

    I still break out in a bit of a sweat just thinking about it.
    I think Purple was spinning her rear tire on one of the big boulder gaps that swallowed her rear tire, trapping the bike, and as she was rocking the TW, & applying throttle it suddenly hooked up and launched the whole bike with rider skyward in a spectacular arc toward a pile of rocks just to the side and below the trail.

    The front wheel rocketed 10 feet into the air and rotating counter clockwise as she flew about 8 feet sideways over into the bolder strewn ditch 5 feet below the grade of the initial launch point.

    In mid air Purple (A highly trained Test Pilot for NASA's TWAGASORE program) executed a perfect ejection sequence before re-entry into Earths lower atmosphere.

    The Launch vehicle crashed to Earth and to our horror, Purple disappeared below into a pile of adjacent boulders.
    Fortunately not landing directly onto them but some how got wedged in-between the boulders possibly scrubbing off speed by scrubbing off skin through her riding gear.

    Her Helmet was so tightly wedged between the rocks that she could not move her head.

    Even more amazing , after this incident we were traveling through a deep mogul-ed out sandy wash and with my over laden bike and propensity to avoid cactus, I made a sudden sweeping maneuver and high sided right in the sand .
    I think I almost broke my leg.

    Purple was right behind me and instead of rolling on the throttle and using the mass of my fallen body and bike as another re-entry practice launch she laid her bike down right beside me. and we exchanged pleasantries for a brief moment.

    TWAGASORE) =(T.W. Anti-Gravity And Sub Orbital Re Entry program )
    Ride Well!
    For inquires please email me at Hidden Content for ordering info. If requesting a shield please include :NAME,FORUM NAME,PHONE #,SHIPPING ADDRESS,AND COLOR CHOICE,(Jet Black, Smoke Grey, Crystal Clear, Dark Blue, Neon Edge Glow -Light Blue & Neon Edge Glo Hi-Vis Orange )


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    WOW! Glad everyone's OK!
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    You all should ride the Rubicon. Your experience and practice more than qualifies you.
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    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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    Holy flying purple people eaters, Batman!! Thank God no one was seriously hurt. Be careful out there, these little motorized mules might be small but they'll still boldly take you where no man (or woman) has gone before.

    My spiritual side thinks maybe Russ was looking over Gina on this one.
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    Wow! I'm glad she's ok. Maybe her guardian angel was drinking? ( and Russ took over ) That is the kind of stuff that rarely has a good outcome. I'll bet she is pretty sore. Rubber side down Gina, rubber side down. Dave

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    Not that the whole situation wasn't bad, or could have turned out way worse, but I would have been really worried when the helmet stuck between two rocks. Knowing me, my first thoughtwould not have been a stuck helmet.
    Hidden Content A ride in the woods helps me relax and release tension. The fact I'm dragging a body should be entirely irrelevant?

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    OMG, how lucky no one was terribly hurt. Looking at that rock pile I wonder if that is a fun place to be or a lot of work and broken parts-people that play there.

    I lost my left elbow to a rock many years ago. Riding in open country is for me now.

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    Wow, Gina, that sounds pretty hairy
    Glad you're ok

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