Knocked to the asphalt today!
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    Knocked to the asphalt today!

    Well the old man was enjoying his ride on padre island leaving pt for total knee replacement heading into corpus Chirsty for some din din and a brain dead dude next to me in a pu truck decided to take a left from a no turn lane and took the front of my tw with him. Need to replace couple things and if anyone knows what brand my hand guards are(ck out my pics) or modle the koso mirrors are (both came with the bike I bought from original owner) please let me know! Rode over to mustang island (Port Aransas) and met some old friends, cold front came in and rode back to the national sea shore campground on padre about 10 pm very refreshing . It's 2 20 am and the adrenal is still flowing. Life is good.

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    Ouch! Glad you didn't get hurt!

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    ^Second that! If we could just do something to get idiots off the roads... Maybe have monthly televised motorcycle races (because it puts them in potentially more danger) for those who've been deemed to be at the cause of an accident (whether they know how to ride motorcycles or not). Top three finishers get the privilege of being able to immediately re-cert for the DL, losers get to wait 6 months, those not willing to race get two weeks in the pokey and can't re-cert for 1 year. I'd for the cringe moments.

    I know, I know, it's extreme; survival of the fittest type ideology... I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

    I pray that you're not suffering any soreness after the fact.

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    Hope you're ok!

    Almost had the same thing happen to me while riding my KLR a couple of days ago. Took me hours to calm down afterwards.

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    I am glad you are ok to..I had a guy in a pu pull out right in front of me lucky for me I was watching his brake lights at the time and saw them go off, soon as I saw that I looked at him I could see that he was looking but not seeing me. I was able to slow down in time so was not to close, but had to apply full breaking and was a little scary..what was funny he had the bumper sticker that said (start seeing motorcycles)
    87tw,08 klr650,00dr200,76tl250,73cl175 scrambler,75tl250,76tl125,1960 cushman trailster,

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    Bad news 'old man'( ) glad you weren't hurt & hope you source the parts you need soon

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    So,after the accident you and the TW were still functional ?. If so,a testament to the on-going spirit and resillance of TW riders. Ride on.

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