military bike? 2wd
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    military bike? 2wd

    I just stumbled across this on craigslist and thought it was interesting as ive never heard of it before. 450 cc 2wd. Looks like a motorcross bike with mole gear. 2013 Christini all wheel drive

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    That's pretty cool technology. Did you see Christini makes AWD bicycles too? There's a bunch of videos on youtube. Their motorcycles are capable of mucho more than I am.
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    I've definitely looked at Christini 2 diggers before. Had no idea the military had gotten into them, an intelligent idea. Another 2WD was built by Yamaha, called a Trac-2 or WR450F ? I've found confusing terms for it. As far as I can tell, the Christini uses drive shafts, slightly similar to Rokon. Yamaha went the direction I would work in- differential hydraulics. I believe you can buy a new Christini for 7 or 8 K, but have not examined it seriously. Once when kicking around the internet I found a very impressive vid of 2WD vs 1WD bikes going through the same difficult off road course. The difference was amazing. I've never been able to find the vid again- am pretty sure it was about the Yamaha Trac-2
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    just checked the christini site. New 9596 for a new one plus shipping.

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    They sure do look great and are probably a very worthy steed! Now for the thing that scares me and it scares me a lot, what about replacement parts when things brake as we know they will?

    I love my TW because parts are readily available all over the world!

    Having a rather unique bike is very cool but likely to be uniquely expensive!

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