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Thread: giting funny looks

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    giting funny looks

    i took my bike out yesterday,looking for groundhogs,lol.just about every person i saw gave me the dumbfounded look .it was abeautyful day 5degrees C. no ice or snow on the road,happy,happy ,happy. i guess they thought i should have been on a sled.with a nor'easter coming wennesday,i tryed to take advantage of a good chance for a ride.i put on around20 miles and felt great.i guess momma gump was right ,"stupid is as stupid does".does any body else here get the "look"when they ride in the off season.

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    Yes. I have a set of wheels with stock tires with stainless hex heads screwed into every lug. 2-3 inches of ice on the road and I still had to get to the yard to fire up the wrecker to pull all the 4x4 idiots out of the ditches. I've had several people actually crash because their brains refused to register what their eyes were seeing until too late. This seems especially common with middle-aged yuppie males. I always feel sorry for them--they have to explain crashing while avoiding a motorcycle riding down an ice-covered road to their insurance agent.

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    Good for you Wildcat, I too winter ride when possible but probably in not as severe weather as Nova Scotia. People seeing you soldier on in the snow and ice serves as good advertising for TW's capabilities. This should help diminish dismissive stereotype that TW is just for retirees to put on RV and limp around KOA Campgrounds ( this has been the annually repeated review by DIrtBike magazine here for last decade or more). Keep on amazing the ignorant public, you are upholding noble tradition of TW adventurousness.
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    winters in Sudbury, MA, summer on Squam Lake, NH
    I once got pulled over by a local fuzz as he couldn't believe any bike would be legally on the road in February . I fooled him !
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    William, you are ageing yourself. Local Fuzz !!

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    I find that people actually notice me when riding on the ice. In summer, they don't notice the guy in the HIGH VIZ GEAR riding the motorcycle!
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    I rode around last Saturday while it was snowing. I wanted to see all my neighbors out shoveling their drives.
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    I have been to busy in the garage re-fitting my ATV to get out lately but in the past I have definitely gotten the LOOK. I get all kinds of reactions. People will point,smile,wave or shake their heads. I am sure some are envious and some just think I am nuts wondering what that crazy sob with the big ole grin all over his face is doing out on a motorcycle this time of the year.
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    I get the looks often when I'm riding my bikes down to about 20 F. Any lower than that my shield ices up on the inside, reducing my visibility to a dangerous level. I should probably be looking for a snowmobile helmet.

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    You people are NUTZ......the heater in my truck works too good to leave it at home...........summers coming soon enough.0117141502-00.jpg
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