Will this headlight bulb work?
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    Will this headlight bulb work?

    My headlight bulb on my '08 finally called it quits. I purchased this Silverstar bulb and before I install it I want to make sure it's the right one. The last thing I want to do is damage my bike in the near or long-term. Thanks for your input.
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    That should work just fine. Beware of decreased life with the Silverstar, I installed them in my Honda CR-V a while back and they wouldn't last more than a few months. I did get free replacements from Sylvanis for the burned out bulbs but in the end decided to go back to standard bulbs for longer life.

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    Silvertar is an upgrade that will give much better light at expense of shorter service life. Happily have them in my van less than 200 hrs total, but am dissapointed to hear of short life for rbm. The light seems to give much better illumination than stock hi beam.
    If I had it home in my paws I would go ahead and install it and justify expense as safety related "They can see me better" and hope for long life.

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    I've had one in mine for over a year now. It is a slightly brighter bulb than stock but not a huge difference. When it goes out I will be putting a piaa bulb in it. I have them in my other two bikes and like the color and brightness. They are like $45 in stores but you can find them for around $30 on ebay.
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