Thoughtful decisions redux. Why not ride a TW?
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Thread: Thoughtful decisions redux. Why not ride a TW?

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    Thoughtful decisions redux. Why not ride a TW?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borneo View Post

    2) The TW has a unique, and odd sized rear tire which can be nearly impossible to obtain in some places. Emergency solutions are problematic at best.

    3) The TW has very limited electrical output, making the use of electronics and heated riding gear difficult or impossible.
    I disagree with both of these. In the US, obtaining a stock rear is not that difficult, although it will probably have to be ordered.

    I routinely run a heated vest and a GPS on my 2011 and have had no problem. More than that, and you would be correct.

    I bought it and will keep it for many years because it's simple and reliable, very capable in extremely rough terrain, will carry out a full grown deer (!), and it's just so damn much FUN!
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    Borneo, every bike one way or another is going to not have everything everyone wants or "needs". In a comparison with a horse, the TW wins for endurance, cost of ownership (maybe?), speed (depending on terrain) and a bunch of other stuff or alot more of us would be riding horses. Now the TW vs. a Goldwing, umm, it covers all your bases in reasons one through 4. Now, take your run of the mill econobox car vs. that Goldwing... you see where I'm going with this?

    A traveler sees what he sees because he is on his trip out of necessity or he travels for trips sake. Tourists do see what they've come to see but more often than not see much more. Tourists typically are more focused on particular aspects of the tour portion of the trip.

    Traveling sounds like work. Touring sounds like vacation. - Me

    I bought my TW knowing that it didn't have great range, tire choices were very limited, it didn't have extra power to handle gps, phone, heated grips, heated vest, etc. (What am I that I have to have that stuff anyway, am I that frail?) or power for interstate work. If I'd bought it thinking I could make it work for those items without adversity, challenge (stuff that builds character), I didn't make a wise choice.

    I don't want to beat a dead horse so, I'm out.
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    I add one

    The TW is not well suited for 2up riding. It makes the already slow top speed even slower and its not really comfortable and the suspension isn't suited to it well.

    I have ridden just around town with my GF on the back of mine a few times and that extra 120# or so really makes the rear end sag and lightens up the front end a good bit. I have actually hit a few pot holes that have made it bottom riding two up on the street. Maybe a bigger spring would help, im not sure. When i want to 2up my Multistrada is a much better steed for that.
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    I wouldn't ride a TW to Guyana with a heated vest on.
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    I think the TW is mainly limited by the riders imagination. It's a nice starting point, decide what you reasilically want to do, and where you want to go, and set it up for that. The two biggest problems I see is that it won't fly, and it won't float. Other than that, you should be able to go where you need to, if you do your part.
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    I am in this with R80RT. My Cadillac won't fly or float, my Kubota won't fly or float, and my TW200 won't fly or float. They all have their limitations, applications, and abilities. Maybe that is why I have over 800 different tools in my tool collection. They all have there individual purpose. The TW is the same way. Figure it out. Does it cover more of what you want to do, or is there another bike that will.
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    Yeah, that was a good one Dan (r80rt) won't fly, won't float, but does everything inbetween!
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    I thought Borneo's original idea for the post was interesting: a thread that potential buyers could go to and see in one place the caveats that one should know before buying a TW.

    I thought of a couple to add:

    The original seat needs modification for most riders, particularly those expecting to spend long stretches of time in the saddle.

    The original suspension has limited travel, and particularly the rear end has a sharp rebound. If a potential buyer is anticipating high off road speeds, this isn't the greatest starting platform.

    But the good news -and one of TW's best aspects- is that everything can be customized very easily to any rider's special desires. They are super easy to work on, fiddle with, modify. Because TW has been in manufacture since 87, there's tons of stuff available for them. Parts from quads cross over. Parts from other Yamaha bikes cross over. There's also this forum (and others) with a nearly endless knowledge base, so you'll have all the help you can ask for when it comes time to monkey around with yours.
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    If you think you want a TW, do your homework and don't have unrealistic expectations. It's not a motocross bike, it's not a highway bike, it's a trail bike. It's slow, and fun to ride slow, thats what the fat tires are for. They ain't just to look cool, They let you ride slowly very well. Ergonomics and seat comfort are relative to the rider, to me they are near perfect and no problem to ride a 200 mile day on, to some one built differently than me they may be terrible. First ya gotta know what you want out of a bike, what you want to do with it, what you are capable of. Then find a bike that is close to what you need,and go from there. Research every interesting bike and make an informed decision, it'll save you a lot of grief and money.
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