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    New to forum

    HI, I just bought my first tw200, well actually my first ever street legal bike, my only other bike experience is a yz125.

    I had never heard of or seen a tw200 before when I found a wrecked 2001 which I bought for super cheap, starts right up and runs perfect, 1,700 miles.

    Problem is forks are trashed and the front of the frame is slightly bent.

    Do you think is worth my time to try and straightness the frame or just find a replacement frame?

    Will any year frame work? Does anyone have a nice frame and forks for sale?
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    Hello and welcome!

    Definitely replace the frame. Even if there was a chance of straightening it out. I wouldn't. The integrity is gone and this is your life riding on the line. Since the frame and forks are bent it sounds like you have a "parts bike". I would move on and find a TW with a good titled frame. That bike you have pictured looks like the frame has been cut so if you are wanting a stock looking bike I would pass on that bike. Just my .02
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    Hello and welcome! Good luck on your build!

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    That's good advice from JGillespie, and I pretty much put a ditto on it. But, I will modify just a bit as to my own opinion. You said "slightly" and you didn't say what part. So, if you have the time, and skills then depending on the damage you could give it a shot. But like JGillespie pointed out to you, there are safety concerns. If you fix it and are not sure about the integrity then go looking for an old dirt biker, we are stuck in every corner of the Country, and get his opinion. A lot of old dirt bikers from the 70's were used to fixing frames. We didn't have monoshocks and modern suspension components. We crashed more. Most of us didn't have much money either, so we fixed things. My Pa used to say "nuttin' so purty as a good patch". Enjoy your ride. I hope you get it sorted before good riding weather...unless you happen to be one of those lucky folks that already have good riding weather.
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