went over to the red side
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Thread: went over to the red side

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    Senior Member Camelrider's Avatar
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    Aug 2010

    went over to the red side

    Sold my TW after 5 years of fun, 90 000 km and all kind of modifications and upgrades.
    My family convinced me that I should get a new bike.
    Just about everything was ready for a big ride to celebrate my retirement.
    A 5 gallon tank, 215 cc for just a little more power and all the other little tweeks that made it my bike.

    So yes they were right, I should not go bantering of on a 10 to 20 000 km ride on a 18 year old bike with
    120 000km already done. Parts are hard or impossible to get here, always ordered parts from the USA, but that will be hard to do when I am on the move in Eastern Europe and Asia.

    They don’t sell the TW here anymore, I looked around and went over to the red side.
    Got myself a Honda CRF250L and guess what? Again with a little 2 gallon tank.
    I will find a solution to get back to the 5 gallon capacity.

    Over the years I have enjoyed the tw200forum,
    Thanks folks and have fun,
    Regards, Johan
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    Senior Member elime's Avatar
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    San Jose, CA
    Send back photos of Eastern Europe and Asia and have a great trip.
    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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    Senior Member TW-Brian's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    Pleasanton, CA
    Sorry to lose you Johan, I have enjoyed your posts and bike mods.

    Stop back when you get the chance and keep us posted on your adventures.


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    Senior Member plumbstraight's Avatar
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    Mar 2013
    Montesano, Washington
    For real, just because you had to go to a different bike, don't shut us out. Would be nice to keep up with your adventures. Keep us posted, you are still part of the family.

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    Senior Member Dark Sol's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Yeah feel free to stay with the forum....I replaced my TW with a CRF230L for smoother highway gearing but I still stick around and try to help out where I can.

    Enjoy the 250L. I'm tempted to trade my 230 for one for the extra 8-10 HP, but its not a significant enough of a difference really. I'll just wait for a TW350 or a CRF350-450L...hopefully one or the other will be a reality eventually.
    2008 CRF230L

    2006 CBR1000RR

    2007 CB919 - 70k Miles and still runs like new!

    * 2001 TW200 (Sold after 15k miles of fun)

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    Senior Member Camelrider's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Thanks for the kind reply's and yes, I will be around, after all this is an amazing forum with great folks.

    By the way, I moved the handlebar from the TW to the CRF, so while riding nothing much changed.
    That handlebar was original from a Yamaha XTZ750.
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    Senior Member frog13's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    SW, Ohio
    Good luck Camelrider....have fun on ol'Red (LRP.....little red pig).....they are great machines !. Yes, show us photo's of your adventure !.

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    Senior Member sparky jan's Avatar
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    Robin Hood Country
    Bet you were sad to see TW go, you did a lot of miles together
    Hope you will be happy with your new purchase

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    Feb 2014
    He could not ride a TW that many miles without really really liking it. Give'em a year. He'll back. Or at least I'm betting.
    Ya gotta finish the loop, it's the only way out.
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    long island
    Be honest tell us what is a better more fun bike all around

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