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    Newbie member...

    ..asking newbie questions probably.

    I have a street bike (Honda 700SC), a dirt bike (KDX200). I'm looking into a TW for an 'inbetween' bike.

    I'm looking for input along general knowledge amongst TW owners to have SOME idea what I should expect from one of 'em.

    An example:

    How well does the OEM suspension work..or does everything require a rework to be 'good enough'?

    I've read of 700+ mile days on a TW..from Utah to Alaska. 600+ miles in one day on my streetbike wipes me out. Certainly a 700 mile day isn't average or common on a TW...but what is, and how much pain does THAT entail?

    The best way to find out I'm sure is to just GET one and ride it, but points of view from riders would be good, too, and much appreciated.


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    I can chime in with my opinion, but of course, that's all it is! I weigh in around 160 lbs, so a heavier rider may feel differently.

    I think the OEM suspension is fine for the street and low-speed offroading. I've definitely bottomed out when I was pushing the envelope in the rough stuff though. I could see upgrading the suspension when the original stuff is worn out, but I'm not in a hurry. You can't turn a TW into a MX bike, period, so for now OEM is good enough for me.

    200-300 miles on a stock TW seat with a Coleman pad is no big deal for me, right around 300 miles I start getting sore. The type of riding I like to do on the TW involves a fair amount of stopping for little breaks and photo-ops, which certainly helps reduce the monkey-butt.

    The great thing about the TW is how easily (and generally cheaply) you can get it set up to do just what you want to do with it. Trail monster, mini-ADV bike, street tracker, whatever. I understand that some weirdos even like theirs just fine left mostly stock.

    My $0.02
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    I agree with DonBenito above,except I'm one of the weirdo's (just given ya a hard time harm no foul). The TW200 is an under-rated DS bike for sure. The Coleman seat pad Don speaks of can sometime be found under the Stearns name as well. Some folks do go to Pro-cycle's TW page and order the new rear spring....depending on your weight and terrain ?. As most other carbed unit's,the TW should be rejetted (lot's of threads on here about this.). You can even buy a TTO tachometer and put on the TW (work's well,IMO). Good luck and have fun.

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    Don, I just had to chime in! I'm not a weirdo, but I have two Yamaha TW 200's in the garage that are weirdo's.

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    The TW is no Goldwing on the highway obviously but it can do the pavement OK if you are not in a hurry. Its main strengths are off road. It's a basic, no frills, dual purpose, go anywhere bike that seems to supply way more fun then it should. I'm one of the weirdos, my TW is stock except for a luggage rack, brighter dash bulbs, and I took the silly reflector stalk off the rear fender. A kickstarter is my next upgrade. Buy one and leave it stock or have fun doing mods that will make it more suitable for you and your riding style. Either way, you are going to have fun!
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    I kept mine stock and use it for search and rescue. Great all around bike, but I would not purchase one solely for 700+ miles/day.

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