I got the itch again
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Thread: I got the itch again

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    I got the itch again

    Not that type of itch

    Long story short. First time here but a previous Tdub owner. Been riding most of my 53 years and my need for speed has lost to my need for adventure and putzing around.

    Most likely going to pick up a new Tdub in the next week or so and this time it's mine ALL MINE.

    I have lots of plans for my new toy but mostly here in Iowa I have tons of gravel roads and dirt roads to explore around my farm and I can't think of a better way to get around then by bike.

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    Welcome to the forum, and keep your son off of it!!!
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    When I saw your post title my first thought was....I AM SORRY. Most of us have been there.
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    Hello and welcome! Sounds like a perfect fir for the TW.

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    Senior Member howardgene63's Avatar
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    TW's and gravel roads go together like peanut butter and jelly.
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    Nice to meet you bwanaswan! You just opened a can of worms and hope you can handle the results. You came to the right place and stand by for action.
    your ride style and terrain will determine what upgrades you new TW will need and every bit of that info is right here. I rate the TW as the perfect Get Away vehicle for exactly what you said so well. Most of us don't care how fast we get there but enjoy the ride along the way and the thrill comes from the TWs ability and our own skills. I strap on my fishing rod, toss my Brittany in box behind me on the a Cycle Rack rack and off we go for the day. Have to do some pavement to get to where all our cares and civility quickly go away when I find that little path that takes us away from it all.

    Have some fun with us here and on your TW and enjoy the trip.

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    Change the front tire to an honest knobby. My stock front tries to wash out on me in the dirt and gravel.
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    Your making the right decision for a TW200.....again. This forum is filled with knowledgeable folk and lot's of tech ,upgrades and fun stuff!!. Have fun and post some pics please, I don't get out much (from Ohio) and like to see where some of you lucky folk ride!.TIA

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    OurDee is right. I rode the stock front tire for too long. Stupid!! I put on a Shinco SR244 (5.10) and it totally changed the front-end. If I bought a new TW I would change the front tire immediately!

    Also, on the TW I go looking for gravel roads. On my old Honda 360's and Trail 110's, Gravel was always terrifying. I suppose the MX bikes where a lot better but, I never rode those. This "spongy tired 200cc beast" is exactly what I need. It loves to float along gravel roads and climb like a goat on the rocky trails.


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    Quote Originally Posted by howardgene63 View Post
    TW's and gravel roads go together like peanut butter and jelly.
    Salt & pepper.
    Ham & eggs.
    Wine & cheese.

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