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Thread: New guy with questions

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    New guy with questions

    Hello everyone, I am new here but by no means new to motorcycling. I am 38 years old and have owned 27 motorcycles in the last 20 years. I have ridden motorcycles in 38 states so far, have hit seven deer and have been hit by a drunk driver in a pick up truck. I currently riding a Buell Ulysses (my 4th) and also own a Suzuki RF600R. I've never owned anything under 350cc's.

    When I was a teen, my best friend had a TW 200 and I remember having a lot of fun on that bike. Back then I only weighed a hundred and 20 pounds. Now I weigh 250 pounds and I'm wondering if a TW will work for me now that I'm six feet tall and weigh 250lbs.

    I have a guy who wants to trade a 2005 TW for my Suzuki. I am looking for a lightweight dual sport to complement my Buell. Ideally, I was looking for something like a Suzuki DRZ 400 but the TW has always seemed like a cool bike to me.

    I know I won't be doing a lot of interstate riding on it but will my weight be a factor for hilly rural roads, trails, hills & such? I know it's not a monster and I'm by no means expecting motor-cross performance. I just want to hear from other tall/heavy TW riders on your opinions.

    I want a bike I can load & unload into my truck by myself for when I go camping and have something to tool around on. The Buell weighs over 500lbs, so that gets dicey.

    I know these bikes are known to be relatively bullet proof. I just want to know that my fat ass won't be the death of the bike if I take it into the woods. I also want to know that it'll keep up with traffic on hilly rural roads here in ny & pa. (55mph).

    Obviously, I'll test ride it before making a deal. But the bike is two hrs away so I want to do my research before heading up there.

    Any help, opinions & advice is appreciated!

    Here's the TW I'm considering:

    Here's the RF600R I might trade for it:

    And here's my Buell:

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    Im 6'1 235 and no problems at all. Handles big guys well. Thinking it's the low end power these little guys have. I ride vtx1800 and I can't seem to get enough of the tw. I'm sure there are bigger guys then that going to chime in.

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    i'm 250 and have no problems with the tw.there isn't a bike built thats perfect for everything,but for dual purpose low speed riding the tw fits the bill quite well.sometimes low and slow have their own rewards,sightseeing ,saftey,smell the roses so to speak.

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    I'm 220, and the TW will haul me at 55 in modestly hilly terrain, but she is working to do it. Great trial bike though.
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    sounds like the TW will fit your needs. perfect for camping and tooling around at slow speeds. I load mine in my tall 99 ram 4x4 with no problems. I have a long ramp and just walk it up while using tw engine power.
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    I too am on the high side of 260 and 6'. Mine gets me around just fine. Getting rid of those air splitting road bikes might save some broken bones. After losing an elbow to a rock, I don't go any faster than I care to crash.
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    Average+ size 5' 11" 190 pounds ... short inseam/long body...the one I tested was a perfect fit...that's why I chose to go this route{and thanks to those on this forum} .... the seat height was a plus, but not the main reason I picked the T~Dub Was going to purchase a Kaw kls250 but reading the reports on the T~Dub....and the glowing kudos from the guys on this forum, sold this old geezer.
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    I would make the trade in a Sullivan County second and never look back. You can upgrade the suspension easy enough to handle your weight. The TW won't break any speed records unless you race on some nasty trails where most other bikes won't make it. It is a fun bike and not a racer.

    Pro cycle has a heavy duty spring kit for the front and rear if you find it is necessary.

    I am right around the corner from you.

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    I'm the same height as you, but fatter. I cruise on pavement with the stock gearing (14-50) all the time at 55-60 mph. I love the TW.
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    I'm 6ft 3 and 16.5 stone (we work in stone here) I also have a tw125 which I use off road only.... With 6psi in the front and rear I can still do 50mph across a field you will be fine.

    I've also had many bikes and constantly tried to kill my Tw and failed so far

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy the bike!
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