I love this bike!
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    I love this bike!

    HI, well after 2 months on this bike I am pretty much in love.

    I have not put so many miles on it since I just got my KLR back from a long time. I had many mods plan, money and reality are sinking in.

    I have so far done small stuff, I replace the front bulb since it only had the lower light working, so a new ones was in order, I added mirrors that I have to adjust to have them working as best as possible. Put on a HT rear rack that I starting to use. and that is all! ok some decals but they do not count.

    I was going to go HID but now with the new schedule I do not need it any more. Also in the maybe I will no longer do it, is the bigger tank (for now 100 mile range is fine) , so I will wait. For latter I have some hwy pegs design and approve, skid plate and a front rack.

    A question, I see that checking the front sprocket is not easy and it does require that you destroy a gasket. Since I am a person on a budget, what else do I have to destroy or ruin to change the sprocket? I will go to a +1 on the front and maybe will do both sprockets and o-ring chain. I ride mostly 20-40 mph but I want to hit 50 with less vibrations and I think the sprocket is the way to go.

    A top box is on my living room waiting to be mounted, so maybe "mañana"

    Thanks people! this site rules!


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    The only thing that "must" be replaced is the gasket. If you are really careful and can keep it intact you can reuse it but since it holds the oil in the motor its worth replacing. If you do not plan to drain the oil you can tilt the bike to the right side to keep the oil from rushing out. One other thing that might be worth doing while you have it apart are the seals from the sprocket shaft. There are two of them, one behind the sprocket and the other on the cover itself. If the bike has miles on it i would change them too. Other than that its pretty straight forward.
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    If your front sprocket is ok, why go to the bother. Change the rear. Easier to do and if you need to change back it is not a tear down on the engine. I weigh 270 and was running a 45t on the rear. It was like taking of in second as a stocker and fifth moved me along ok in no headwind or hills. 4th was like fith stock. I just changed back to the 50t as I am going out this weekend and not sure of the terrain, but would like the lower gear as some others are coming and one gal is new so the lower gear would be better. If I were to buy another sprocket I would go with a 47t. Make the best of both worlds unless you are a total offroader. I did replace my chain with a kbc o ring.

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    My '95 TW has a 47t and the '98 has a 50t. It is surprising how much difference there is. For me, the 47t is almost perfect. However, the 50t decreases 0 to 10mph time and the shift to 2nd will pop the front wheel. Also, the bike easily keeps going on flat ground at idle speed. The 47t, not so much.

    I think the 50t will help the wife get used to putting around. She doesn't like "fast".

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    I believe Yamaha switched from a 40ish tooth sprocket to a 50T years ago , so I guess they feel it is the best overall ?.

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    We love this bike!


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